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“Forever battling with diets, huge bras and high street dresses.  I am here to share my experiences about living with and shopping for a fuller figure and bust.”


I am a UK based dress loving, plus sized, big boobied, lingerie obsessed, bra fitting enthusiast who hates body snark! When I started my blog in May 2011 I just envisioned it as being a way to showcase my clothing and lingerie choices for those who had a similar figure to mine. Little did I know that this hobby would become a full blown passion, giving way to modelling experiences, national and international press coverage, and best of all, the most amazing readers and fellow blogging friends that a girl could ask for.  I am lucky enough to have modelled for the brands Lady V London, Evans and Collectif and I worked on a blogger campaign with Italian brand Marina Rinaldi.  I have appeared in The Daily Mail, The Times, The Sun, The Telegraph, LOOK Magazine, Italian Marie Claire and on Vogue Italia, amongst others.

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I am inundated with emails and comments of gratitude on a daily basis, and frequently called upon for advice by men and women alike. I do my best to help women look and feel their best, whatever their size or shape.  I do not promote obesity, but rather the want to love oneself at any size, and then, if needs be, to take healthy steps to achieving a body and mind desired by the individual.  I do not judge or pressurise or glorify any sort of unhealthy lifestyle, and because of this I have seen some amazing transformations in myself and my readers.  My dedication to create a body snark free zone on my blog and my social media outlets has won me awards and recognition from readers and fellow bloggers alike, and it is something  that thrills me as I believe so strongly in loving yourself without hating others.

I hope that you enjoy my blog.  My reviews, guest post, bra fitting tips, thoughts on hot topics, videos and everything else it has to offer.  It gives me many sleepless nights but so much joy – I imagine this is how it must feel to be a parent on a very small scale…

To contact me about anything at all including bra fitting advice, advertising, guest posts, promotional opportunities for my blog and my rate card, please email me, Georgina Horne at:

George xxx