The act of wearing underwear was really and truly never there to seduce and cause arousal,
And yes there are certain situations where pre decided masturbation was in fact the appropriate response,
But really it’s sole purpose is to lift breasts, cup balls and hold sanitary pads,
And should that underwear look in any way fancy or frilly or lacy, it’s purpose on a woman is suddenly a silent invitation to men.

Any man. Anyone who decides to comment. And his appreciation is allowed. Because the underwear has spoken – from lips that don’t talk and breasts that serve no purpose other than to arouse – it has spoken. And it’s message is clear.

And when women decide that no. No. We don’t like this. We don’t want this. We know you like it – but please, don’t reduce our bodies to a cause of blood flow – we are silenced. Ridiculed. Because our bodies did the speaking and our mouths should form words like ‘thank you’ – and nothing more. Our worth diminished.

Because our bodies cause a reaction that men are unable to resist. They must surge forwards, pressing penises into inboxes and invitations of sex and lust onto photos. Animalistic and unstoppable, these men must let us know exactly how our nylon stockings and wire cupped breasts made them feel. Because it’s not enough to keep their thoughts private. Because even though we understand that some reactions can’t be helped and we are aware – it’s not enough. The shrivelled balls and badly spelt bashings of something primal must be ours to witness. We caused this. And we are no longer human – we are merely a vessel.

Because even though there are a myriad of reasons that women choose to reveal something slightly less than a t shirt and shorts online – we no longer get to dictate that. We placed it into the void and the void wanked back.

To empower or educate or model whilst wearing lingerie is strictly prohibited. What did you expect? Must men respect you?! Fathers and sons and husbands with lives filled with women they cherish and love – but you are not one. You made your choice the moment you decided to feel sexy and happy for yourself. Those things should be kept hidden – because of their reaction. They can’t be stopped – and it’s ok to excuse their erections. A inbox full of cock may make you feel assaulted and embarrassed and ashamed – who cares. You put that image online. You were stupid enough to believe that men can control themselves. That they know where they can find mutual pleasure and women who decided that it’s ok to view their bodies in that light. You deserved it.

By Georgina Horne, @fullerfigurefullerbust


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