Go give your uncle a kiss on the cheek,
Girls shouldn’t be loud; be gentle and meek,
You’ll look like a slag if your skirt is too short,
You owe me your number for your drink that I bought,
‘Ten Ways To Dress To Impress All The Boys’,
A girl should have class and elegance and poise,
What were you wearing on the night you got raped?
You should have known you were being videotaped,
Smile at the men that you pass in the street,
Go for a run, try to watch what you eat,
I fucked you before, now open your legs,
Let boys chase you – they don’t want one who begs,
It’s my belief that you were leading him on,
You fucked him too soon and that’s why he’s gone,
The boys say you’re easy, suck my cock you fat whore,
I just slapped your arse – it’s not against the law!
You’re keeping the baby? Another single Mum!
You had an abortion? Baby murdering scum!
I don’t like to use condoms, just let me pull out!
I’m just having some fun, you don’t need to shout,
If you don’t want the comments then take the post down,
Don’t wear so much makeup – you look like a clown,
Consider the way that men will react,
And don’t take those nudes if you don’t want to be hacked,
Every decision you make – up for scrutiny,
Your body’s not yours; your actions aren’t free.

By Georgina Horne


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