I feel that this post is very long overdue, as I get many many posts about my skin care and nails and all sorts of other things pretty much daily! And so this will hopefully answer all of those questions and give you some insight into what goes into keeping things shipshape when it comes to modelling as well – you can read more about modelling here. I also have this post about getting my teeth bleached if you are interested.

Skin Care
I get asked the most questions about my skin! I am very lucky to have quite clear skin for the most part – although I am very much prone to monthly breakouts and the odd allergic reaction to certain products!! I have dry skin, so I really have to make sure I keep it hydrated. And if I don’t take my make up off in good time or fail to wash it after a sweaty workout, it will have it’s revenge! I no longer drink alcohol bar the odd cocktail at special occasions, and I never drink caffeine as I cannot stand the taste of tea or coffee. I really do favour water (and lots of it) over most other things, and all this combined probably helps keep my skin looking pretty good. I try to get enough sleep where possible, and if sunbathing I now use Factor 50 on my face. I do wear a lot of make up when I have shoots and events etc, but bar that I am make up free. I find that using too many products does make my skin freak out, and so I stick to a faithful few – Dr Organic’s face scrub and mask, generally the manuka honey and Epaderm. As I said, my skin is dry, so these help moisturise and blast off some of that dead skin! Prior to my wedding I had a few facial treatments, and my favourite had to be the microdermabrasion. It isn’t cheap, but it was so worth it as my make up stayed on like a dream and my skin glowed. I recently went back into the salon for another – my first since the wedding! I cannot believe I waited so long! My make up is going on so nicely, my skin feels so soft and it was such a lovely and relaxing treatment. As I do wear a lot of make up and have a lot of people dealing with my skin, I think it is really important to keep it looking it’s best.
In terms of make up – I use so many different products and techniques, I am a bit hesitant to make any kind of blog video. But if you look through my Facebook videos, you can see a few videos and bits and bobs on there.
With regards to my body I am also a big fan a scrub and moisturise! My cousin has a coffee scrub brand called ‘Nobody But Joe’ and I really love it! Coffee scrubs smell great (better than it tastes!), they are really satisfying to use and you are left with the most beautiful skin! And naturally, I use allllll the epaderm on my body afterwards!

I dye my hair at home with L’Oreal 565 – I just have so much hair and getting it done professionally takes so long and costs so much! I tend to need 2-3 boxes to dye it, and I try to get it done every 4-6 weeks. As with make up, unless I am shooting or off somewhere fancy, I don’t style it – I barely even blow dry it unless I am in a rush! I try to get a coconut oil mask on frequently, as well as leaving masks on it – whatever is on offer works for me! Unlike skin, I find that changing up my shampoo and conditioner works better for my hair.
In terms of styling it I have a few videos on my Facebook page showing me doing my hair and make up, as well as this tutorial here. Everything you see me doing I have learnt from watching many many YouTube tutorials, and I am still very much a novice! For me, hair something to have fun with, and I like to try different styles and accessories out all the time. I do get bored really easily, and I am planning a change some time soon…

Body Hair
I am a firm believer in doing what you want with your body hair and letting others do the same. Personally, I like to be smoother than a baby dolphin from the neck down! I have toyed with the idea of getting the whole shebang lasered, but for now I will make do with leg and pit shaving, and a monthly trip to the waxing salon and brow bar. Getting my eyebrows threaded is something I have had done prior to big shoots and events and then plucking in-between, but I recently found a little place in Twickenham that makes my brows look glorious, and so I have been going there monthly. They give me that amazing arch shape, and I just keep up with plucking in between visits. I would really recommend getting your brows threaded over waxing, and even if you just go twice a year it can really help give you a great shape that you can then keep on top of with plucking. I have yet to get my top lip done, even though they look at it very closely and offer it each time…
I also go for monthly Hollywood (all off) waxes – a ritual I have kept up for the last 9 years. I make sure I am clean and smelling good and then I just tell myself that they see all the bodies and fannies, and so what if I am fatter? They are always professional and yes, it is always slightly awkward to be chatting to someone whilst they pull wax out of your arse crack, but we both know what we are there for! The only impact that my fatness has upon the whole process is that I do need to pull my skin taut at times with certain waxers – but I take comfort in the fact that they are focused on the hair that they want to remove, not me grabbing handfuls of belly flesh. Yes it hurts, but it’s bearable and it doesn’t last beyond the time it takes them to pull the hot wax off.

I remember the days when the very idea of false nails would make me shudder! But then I decided to give them a go around 4 years ago, and I have been an addict ever since! I always get gel extensions rather than acrylic as I heard that if the break they will snap rather than rip your whole nail off. I have broken a few in my time, or simply caught them really painfully – but thankfully I have never ripped the whole lot off! I go for a variety of colours, but I do always like to keep them pointy with a slightly rounded edge. They are various lengths throughout the month, and I cannot stress how easy it is to love a normal life with them. Wiping my arse? Well I never stuck a finger up there before, I haven’t started now! Plus, there is loo roll in the way, and the nails are surprisingly blunt! Putting in tampons is no problem, putting on false lashes just requires me to go at it with a slightly altered angle. Picking up change is probably the hardest thing to do, and I do try to be careful when I workout, as one snapping incident occurred when a medicine ball slam went wrong! Typing, entering my pin, pressing my buttons etc means I use my nails not my fingers, changing my nephew’s nappies just requires a little caution in case they wriggle about. But an unexpected bonus – animals love me. I give the best scritches!
I try to get pedicures once every few months – again, I am all about that shellac life, despite how thin my nails get. I am really prone to deliciously dry and cracked feet, and so I am often filing them and applying heavy duty foot creams. As I am often getting my tootsies out in front of lots of people at shoots as well as wearing open toed shoes, it is really important that I keep my trotters looking good – this also involves remembering to shave my toes…

So there you have it! My beauty regime! If you have any more questions then please leave a comment :)


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