As I am starting to feel better about my body, I am also starting to try new styles. I generally look to flatter my shape and size, but what if I took a tiny trouser clad step out of my comfort zone and tried something new? I do feel like every post that I write about trousers involves some sort of epiphany about how much I liked them! And that seems kind of crazy to me, as 12 years ago I never wore dresses, and constantly had my butt crack on show in my low rise flared trousers. Things are going full circle now!! Although I might hide my crack…
Enter: the flared trouser and the skinny patterned trouser! It’s funny, because despite my new found love of jumpsuits, I had never considered trying a flared pantaloon. And as for patterned trousers? Well they are great to workout in, but wearing them as an actual item of clothing away from the squat rack seemed laughable!

But the fun thing with fashion is that as long as you won’t get arrested for wearing it, there are no rules. Your body shape and size and colour and ability is not a barrier. If the clothes fit you, you can and should wear them!

And so without further ado, enter the Collectif Rita trousers – and they are in the sale!


Teamed with an ASOS body and some faux fur, these trousers didn’t seem so scary afterall! Granted they didn’t flatter like a pair of skinny jeans, but they felt comfortable and sophisticated, and it was really nice to try something new.


My tip with trying trousers like these is to make sure you ignore the label and simply go for what fits. These are a 22, and to be honest, a 24 would probably be even better as my big tum and 50 inch hips are slightly at war with them! Try the shoes on that you will wear with them the most and get the trousers altered accordingly. Try a few tops on with them and, like me, step out of your comfort zone every now and then!

Sadly, the next pair of trousers are now sold out! But any of the skinny fit trousers and capris in the Collectif trousers section should fit the same!


Let’s be honest here – I mostly only wear heels for blog photos and shoots! And so it’s probably time that I showed you a slightly more realistic outfit by teaming these trousers with my lovely gold unicorn shoes – so much more comfortable! I was really shocked by just how much I loved these trousers on me! The high waist, the tapering at the ankle and the subtle yet still prominent pattern made for the perfect pair!


I do really like patterned leggings, but they are often a bit too thin over my very ample bottom, and so a tucked in top would be a no no. But this style has the best of both worlds, and I might be a serious trouser convert if Collectif keep bringing out gems like these!

Are you a trouser fan? A convert? Someone who avoids them like the plague? Which is your favourite style?


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