That Ewa, she is always creating something new and exciting! One of her newest additions is the PL Croptop Maskarada.

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It’s a plunge bra with a bralette croptop sewn onto it, and it’s pretty cute!

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Given that my boobs would destroy a flimsy bralette like two wrecking balls, this seems like a genius idea! Obviously the bra is visible, but it’s playing into the whole ‘underwear as outerwear’ trend. And as the ladies at Ewa demonstrate perfectly, this would be a very sexy look with a black skirt and jacket.

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I am wearing this in a 38J/20 as per with my Ewa size, and it fits really well! I think I will try to wear this under something sheer rather than with a skirt, as I am not quite brave enough to rock that look! I also like it just as underwear, as I do have a little chub under my bra band that I can be self conscious about, and this veils it perfectly! The thong briefs are a really lovely fit – no cutting in and ample crack room (nothing worse than a thong that is a little too short…). I am not usually a fan of briefs that go under my tummy, but these are so comfy!

Remember, if ordering from Ewa confuses you, I have a post here called ‘Ewa Michalak Explained’ that talks you through pricing and sizing.

Do you like the Ewa croptop? How and where would you wear it?


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