Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and for a lot of us that means dusting off the nurse’s outfits and digging out the tingly lube. But if you are anything like me, the thought of seducing your partner whilst you wear a strappy set of lingerie can seem daunting, bordering on embarrassing. I feel self-conscious about my body at the best of times, let alone when I am supposed to be oozing sex appeal. Sexy lingerie used to = skimpy lingerie for the most part, and my wobbles and bulges would feel anything but sexy when trussed up like a piece of belly pork!
So today I want to show you a few different outfits and ways of pairing lingerie items to suit a few different comfort zones! I will be sharing my own thoughts and those of my amorous assistant aka – my husband Robbie!

The new Voodoo set is a clever little creation! It looks like you’ll need a degree to get it on, but it’s actually really simple, and the effect is stunning! Wearing the bra with it’s bondage like styling under a sexy bodycon dress is a cheeky way to flash some lingerie without being too brazen about it.
Robbie: Err well yeah, this is pretty sexy! I don’t get how those strap things work but I like how they look! I don’t need to work out how to undo it to see boobies do I?

I love love LOVE this Scantilly Unleash set. It gives me boobs a great shape in and out of clothes, and I do believe that pleather needs to be involved in lingerie a lot more. The high-waisted briefs help me feel a little better about my wobbly tum, and the cheeky peephole at the back is a nice touch. Something like this would work well under an outfit, and then a naughty little striptease when home would go down a treat – excuse the pun! If that is a little out of your comfort zone, why not send your partner a saucy snap prior to going out or whilst out to get the blood flowing and pulses racing!
Robbie: I am not the biggest fan of leather, but this makes your tits look so good, I don’t even care!

The tuxedo! I wasn’t too sure about this piece, as I prefer a high waisted brief – so I decided put on the Unleash knickers underneath and it worked a treat. But then Robbie went to photograph me in it and he…ahem…REALLY loves a bow tie/collar on a woman – who knew?! This item can be worn with or without undies – and if you opt for without, there’s no need to remove it if you want to bump uglies. Apparently.
Robbie: *X-rated appreciative response*

If you are after something with a bit more coverage, then the Unleash smock top is a really nice option that is still sexy without being too revealing. Wearing knickers is optional.
Robbie: This looks like a sexy nighty. My penis approves.

Pretty babydolls for large boobs? Enter the Ritzy babydoll! Gone are the days of worrying about your boobs falling out of an ill fitting flimsy piece of fabric, the Ritzy babydoll is pretty, supportive and sexy.
Robbie: Ooh, purple! I love the little skirt.

I really *REALLY* love the Knockout set, but appreciate the large cut-out at the front may be a little risqué for some. If you want to try the Knockout set but don’t necessarily want to bare all right away, you could team it with a robe, or the set even looks great with plain briefs and hold ups.
Robbie: That set is amazing, and I love the cut-outs. The robe is pretty cool. And I really like the tights…

A little variation on the last look – why not show up home or at your partner’s house wearing something saucy under a coat. You can still stay slightly covered up, and who doesn’t love a sexy reveal!
Robbie: You cannot ever wear this coat again. I will forever be wondering if you are wearing something naughty underneath, and it’s not always appropriate to think those things…

I bet you were curious about that sneak peek of a set from the first photo? Well your partner will be too! And this is what lies beneath – the stunning Voodoo set! It’s fun, flattering and the harness details are like catnip to men! The perfect set to seduce in this Valentine’s Day.
Robbie: Wow. Just…wow.

Should you want to pair the Voodoo set with something with a little more coverage, then this gorgeous Collectif robe will do the job! Plain black knickers will work perfectly with it should you want to mix’n’match the set, and you can never go wrong with hold ups!
Robbie: I feel like I have x-ray vision and I can see right through your dress. I know which super power I want now…

So there you have it, my guide on how to make sexy undies work for various different comfort zones. I hope it has given you some ideas on how to go forth and be a sexy minx – but remember, naughty undies are for life, not just for Valentine’s Day.

*This is a sponsored post. My fee always covers my exposure and reach. It NEVER sways my opinion.*


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