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People often ask me what my favourite bra brand is. I wear so many brands for so many different occasions – for cleavage, workouts, shoots and so on. But the brand I wear the most and tend to favour for every day comfort is Ewa Michalak. It’s the brand I recommend to women with hard to find sizes as she stocks bras from a 28 to a 50 back, cup sizes from A-L. She shows the bras and briefs on a variety of sizes and ages (I would love to see more skin colours too!) and she is forever designing new pieces – bikinis, shapewear, anti chafing bands, nursing bras. She does have details on how to measure yourself for a bra as well.

I get so many questions from women after I have recommended Ewa Michalak to them – which is understandable. The brand is Polish and therefore until you click the English flag at the top of the page, the website can seem slightly unfamiliar! The currency is in Polish Zlotys – which you can shorthand to ‘PLN’ when googling for a currency conversion. And it can of course be a huge unknown when you order from somewhere overseas – will it take ages, will there be custom charges and so on.

Two helpful resources that I would like to point you to right away are:
Bratabase. Bratabase is, as the name cleverly suggests, a bra database! Users will talk about the fit of bras and how it compares to other brands and breast shapes and so on and so forth. It’s a great website and an invaluable place for bra owners to visit!
This post from CurvyWordy describing the different Ewa Michalak bra styles is so useful! Along with the multitude of detailed reviews with a plethora of photos, Caroline has composed this super helpful post which you should definitely check out if you are considering investing in some undies.

In my experience it takes a few weeks for the pieces to ship over to England – but that’s because most pieces that I buy or get gifted are not pre made. Everything always arrives in a box, which is great for keeping the bras in shape, and as I live in England I don’t pay customs on items. I have yet to return anything and so I am unsure of how their system works, but a glance at the website tells me that you have 14 days in which to make returns.

The knickers are very true to size and always made out of a very comfortable fabric that allows for a wobbly tummy and larger thighs. Ewa sells briefs in a range of shapes and sizes, and with some sets she has a few style options to choose from as well. I generally wear a 20 in everything, and some are spot on, some come up slightly big but in a very comfortable way.

When it comes to the bras there are no hard and fast sizing rules. For example, take my most recent pieces. Out of these 3 36J bras only one fits my bust well. They all fit my back ok but come up in varying degrees of tightness:

image11 image21 image31

My bras currently range from 34HH – 36HH at present, and so generally in Ewa bras I need to go up at least one back size and 1-2 cup sizes – but like I say, as with all clothing and shoes and lingerie, there are no hard and fast rules.
One thing that I really love about Ewa Michalak bras is the fact that the padded bras come with removable pads which can help correct slight aysymmetry or boost you up on days when you want a little more. I say ‘slight aysymmetry’ because they aren’t the thickest of pads, but there could be room for your own larger pads, or maybe a multitude of pads.

I find that the bras have really great slim central gores, they rarely dig in under the arms, the straps aren’t too thick or thin, and at my size I get 4×3 hooks and eyes which is very supportive and comfortable.

Ewa can sometimes make bras in custom sizes, and can also offer fit and style advice. Plus, there are now tens of reviews from bloggers such as myself and CurvyWordy, as well as photos on instagram and Ewa’s Facebook page. Finding well made, pretty bras in larger sizes is not easy, but Ewa bras are well worth the investment.

This isn’t a sponsored post or anything like that, I am just passionate about a brand that does a good thing and takes great care of my boobies. Hopefully this post answers most questions, as this is the extent of my knowledge. Feel free to add your own advice or input in the comments!


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