A few weeks ago myself and the lovely Leyah Shanks from The Body Confidence Revolution journeyed to Manchester to film some bra fitting videos for Simply Be. Simply Be were really on my radar when I first started blogging as I had a bee in my bonnet about anyone promoting the ‘plus four’ bra fitting method. Their videos were amazing bar the=at little nugget of information. Adding inches to your underbust is a very old and outdated method and I was not a fan ofbrands that said that that was the way to get a good fit. Bras all fit differently, just like shoes, and happily these newer videos were going to discuss how bras should fit and look rather than using numbers and sums.

And so without further ado, here are the videos! All clothes and bras are from Simply Be. Let me know what you think!

Common Bra Fitting Problems

How To Put Your Bra On

Bra Style Guide

Perfect Fitting Bra


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