A question I have been asked a lot is how my teeth are so lovely and white! And whilst I wish I could say ‘because I brush them well and take care of them’ this simply is not the case.
In my time I have tried a few of those drugstore whitening kits. I don’t drink tea, coffee or red wine and so I had hoped for excellent results, but alas, this was not the case.
I have been getting quite a few modelling jobs as of late, and prior to my wedding I decided to take the plunge and visit my local dentist to make my dreams of havig a brighter smile a reality. I didn’t fancy having dayglo nashers, but something to lift the layers of yellow that I had let build up would be wonderful!

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The dentist sat me down and explained how the process worked. The whitening company that they use is called ‘Zoom’ and it works by bleaching the teeth. It cost around £600 and would work best following a visit to the hygenist – and I was long overdue! She checked my teeth for fillings at the front and general compatibility and said that I was definitely a candidate. And so off I trotted to the hygenist to have a good clean.
Let me tell you now, I don’t think that teeth should be cleaned inbetween but the hygenist clearly did. It was hell on earth and I was covered in blood by the end but apparently they were clean and bleach ready!
A few days later I had the treatment. Prior to this I had a few X-rays to make sure I didn’t have any thin or chipped teeth that would possibly make the process sensitive. I was also shown where my teeth were in a scale of yellow to whiteness, and she predicted the shade they would be afterwards. The dentist I had was very lovely and made sure I understood everything. The bleach would go on my teeth 4 times for 20 minutes at a time. There would be someone in the room throughout and I was allowed to listen to music and podcasts during the treatment. They would whiten all bar the very back teeth which are hard to get to and rarely seen. She warned that I might feel sensitivity during the treatment and a lot more afterwards, and that this was normal.

It wasn’t the comfiest process but before long the bleaching was over and I was dying to know how well it had worked! The dentist seemed really pleased and sat me up and handed me a mirror. I was amazed! My teeth looked lovely and white but they didn’t dazzle or look fake. I was actually a shade whiter than predicted, and I loved my new smile! I was told to lay off coffee, tea and red wine for a week or so, or to drink them through a straw – happily, I don’t drink any of these.

A few days later I collected my ‘Opalescence’ whitening packs – trays made out of moulds of my teeth that she had taken on the previous visit, and syringes of bleach. The dentist showed me how much of and where to insert the bleach into the trays, and explained that this could leave me feeling a bit sensitive for a few days.
Using the at home bleach kits was a very tingly experience! I didn’t use them every day for a few weeks as recommended, and actually used them a little less because I liked how white my teeth were so white and I was happy with that level. I generally popped them in after brushing my teeth after dinner, and tried to sleep in them. It was a wierd sensation to firstly have them in my mouth but also use the bleach – slightly unpleasant and stingy. However, it has left me with lovely white teeth that I am now very happy with, and thankfully I have had zero sensitivity. It might seem a step too far vanity wise, but this was a personal choice and something I wanted done for ages, and I would really recommend it.

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