So it’s been over a month since the Lady Voluptuous Phoebe entered our lives, and in that time we have had to restock twice! To say it’s a popular dress is an understatement, and we couldn’t be happier with the reactions we have had to it.
Phoebe features a built in petticoat – I would call it more of a ‘halficoat’ as it simply gives the dress a bit more structure without being super floofy.


I think that the petticoat, the roomy sleeves, the modest yet flattering neckline and the amazing range of patterns has made it a must have for so many customers.


It can be easily dressed up or down with different shoes and accessories, and having personally worn them to varying different events, I would say it’s suitable for many occasions.


I’ve worn mine to a wedding, to a family party, to a friend’s Birthday afternoon tea and drinks and to a blogging function and I’ve felt perfect and unique every time.


The petticoat section consists of a small bit of netting at the bottom of the lining, but there is some lining behind it and so even though it’s slightly rough, it doesn’t lie against your skin and so you won’t feel it. It’s not visible at all unless you were to sit and the upper layer of the dress were to ride up over it, and it doesn’t fall below the length of the upper layer.


I have worn the dress with flats, sandals and heels (as seen in these photos which for once feature shoes that I can actually walk in!!!) and even though it isn’t the most casual of dresses, the shoes and added outfit details can really change the appearance of it.


Fun flamingoes and lips, pretty yellow flowers and kingfishers and the more sophistocated rose print and Japanese print, there really is something for everyone with the patterns, and I have loved seeing which dresses you have all gone for and how you have styled them!

Phoebe21 Phoebe20 Phoebe19 Phoebe17 Phoebe16 Phoebe15 Phoebe14 Phoebe13 Phoebe12 Phoebe11 Phoebe10 Phoebe9 Phoebe8 Phoebe7 Phoebe6 Phoebe5 Phoebe4 Phoebe3 Phoebe2 Phoebe1

Do you own a Phoebe or would you like to own one? Which one would you go for and how would you style it?

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