So today we at Lady Voluptuous have probably released my (dare I say it) favourite dress to date…

LadyV-135 LadyV-138 LadyV-152 LadyV-155 LadyV-184 LadyV-190 LadyV-200 LadyV-204 LadyV-228 LadyV-232 LadyV-233 LadyV-237

Phoebe is an absolute dream of a dress, and one I am so excited to see come to life in some of the most glorious prints! Phoebe is the kind of dress you will want to rock at Ascot, wow with at weddings and look amazing in in garden parties.
Phoebe is inspired by a few dresses I own and have tried. I adore styles that have some inbuilt netting as it gives you the gentle oomph of a light petticoat without having to add one and adjust it and pick the right length. The netting will help the dress have an amazing shape and feel oh so pretty, and the length should keep the majority of women happy. Sadly it’s hard to please everyone and we have no plans for petite or tall sizes just yet but who can say what the future will hold. The scoop neckline is incredibly flattering, and the fairly generous sleeves are a decent length – arm conscious me adores the way that they will be perfect in warmer weather but still modest enough for when I am feeling slightly down on the size of my arms.
When it came to creating Phoebe I told Lady Vintage of what I had in mind and brought them a few samples and sketches in. From then we discussed the sleeves and neckline and a sample was made. A few tweaks were added to that such as the sleeves being made slightly longer and the netting slightly flouncier, and then the fabrics were picked. We wanted to go for a mixture of kitsch, pretty and, for want of a better word, something slightly more ‘mature’, and I think that it’s set to be one of those dresses that will make you want to own every single colour variation – it’s so good!
The name was slightly tricky to come up with, but I think that ‘Phoebe’ (inspired by she from Friends) is perfect for the twirly beautiful statement piece. I think it’s a dress that can go from being smart casual to super smart with the right accessories, and it will definitely be a head turner. There is a colourway to suit everyone – I think I like this dress a bit too much! I will say that if you are busty you will want to size up in this – I wear a 16 in everything else and and 18 in this.

Today we have released 5 other dresses – three new fun bright Cosettes and two sultry seductive Medusa dresses.

LadyV-064 LadyV-077 LadyV-088 LadyV-091 LadyV-111 LadyV-114 LadyV-342 LadyV-350 LadyV-354 LadyV-357

The fabrics that Lady Vintage use are so wonderful and fun – it’s making me want to be invoted to about 20 weddings this summer so that I can wear all of these dresses!

I am so damn proud of ths little collection. It’s still in it’s infancy and there is so much more to come, but clicking onto the Lady Voluptuous site and seeing so many vibrant colours and pattterns and shape that are all EXCLUSIVELY for plus sizes is just so heart warming and wonderful. We deserve beautiful clothes and exciting patterns and I am beaming at the fact that I can call this collection my own.

Ladyvscreenshot1 Ladyvscreenshot2

So tell me – what do you think of the new dresses and Phoebe?

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