Let me tell you about Smart Glamour.

“SmartGlamour is a clothing line of fashion basics that are affordable and customizable for any woman. Handmade in NYC, we offer sizes XXS-3X and beyond. We promote body positivity and overall wellness for women. Using fashion, we empower women and give them the power to control their clothes and through them – their emotional response to clothes and shopping. We are breaking down the negative stigmas attached to fashion and promoting positivity and women supporting other women.”

We are also building up to an exciting new educational campaign called #MeasureMeBeautiful which will launch next week online, then we are hosting two pop up events in NYC – one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn August 16th and 17th – where woman can come get measured, and receive a free SmartGlamour tank top with slots to enter your measurements on the back. We hope to educate women on the importance of knowing your measurements and size – in the mindset that knowledge is power, and will start women on the road to acceptance and then eventually body love. The pop up events will then lead in to a NYFW runway show September 5th which, as always like in our ads, shows, etc – showcases women of all age, shape, size, height, weight, race, and style in our clothing.

Women can view the collection and shop at www.smartglamour.com, and follow us on all social media for updates on #MeasureMeBeautiful and deals and discounts on our clothing.

Casey and Friends_2 IMG_7455_2 IMG_8340 (Copy) IMG_8421 (Copy) IMG_8445 (Copy) IMG_8464 (Copy) Mallorie and ladies_1

The lovely Mallorie Carrington who is the brains and beauty behind the business very sweetly offered me the chance to try a custom made outfit. I decided to go for something that slightly differed from my normal look – a strapless top and skirt set. I picked my fabric and sent my stats over to her, along with the desired lengths for the top and skirt. And then I sat back and let Mallorie work her magic!

In no times at all the lovingly wrapped parcel had made it’s way over from the States, and Mallorie sent me an email to clarify what was inside:

“You are getting the Betty Sweetheart Top and the Rosa Ruffle Skirt in our blue and pink abstract print.
They are both available in set sizes XXS-6X, and additionally – in the blue and white floral, pink and black floral, and also newly – in solid black stretch twill. The top is $30 and the skirt is $45. All fabrics have horizontal stretch and are wash and go. They are handmade to order in NYC. And fully customizable.

You are getting a fully customized outfit – meaning, you gave me all of your measurements, desired lengths of the top, skirt, etc. Customers can order that way – by choosing the full customization $20 add on per product – or, they can add on customizations a la carte – for $5 each. For example – length of top or skirt, waistband height, etc. Which is all easy to do via the website. We ship internationally – any where in the world – and if you subscribe to our newsletter you get a free shipping code. We have a full size chart on our site, and also tutorial videos for how to measure yourself – all on the How to Order page.

If any of your readers live in the states – specifically in the north east – we currently have a pop up shop in the East Village of NYC – which will be open until May 30th. It’s the first and only NYC boutique to carry every size from XXS-6X, all for the same price, with options to customize, and all for under $100 each. All the full info and details for the shop, and also our event calendar, can be found here.

And of course – we always hire models of any height, weight, shape, size, nationality, and experience – and never photoshop or airbrush them. Additionally – they all do their own hair and makeup so they really do look like their true selves – just wearing my clothes.”

I naturally tried the outfit on as soon as I could – custom made is a big deal!

DSC_0115 DSC_0102

The whole outfit fit like a glove, but as I chose a strapless number and wore my Curvy Kate Luxe with it, it slightly changed the fit as my boobs sat lower than they usually would. But nonetheless it fit me as I had hoped and the skirt was expecially awesome.

DSC_0106 DSC_0096

The material is slightly stretchy and thin without being see through – perfect for the summer. I did have some light control Maidenform shorts on in these photos, and although the skirt was fitted, it didn’t cling to every lump and bump of my body.

DSC_0127 (2) DSC_0107 DSC_0105 DSC_0098

Both the skirt and the top are fastened with zips. The top unzips completely and I was able to fasten it up behind me, but it also seemed easy enough to fasten and twist around. Like I said, I chose the lengths of everything, and I wanted the top to sit lower than the skirt waistband, and the skirt to be higherwaisted. Mallorie is very thorough with the measurements she asks for to ensure than any custom pieces are exactly as the customer wants them. I personally really love her brand. It’s affordable, inclusive and Mallorie herslelf is a pleasure to converse with. Her size range and choices of fabrics and styles means that there are endless possibilities for the wearers – plus her models are awesome!

What do you think of the brand and their ethos?

If you want to make a purchase from Smart Glamour you can use code ‘SGGeorgina’ for 15% off online and instore – just show Mallorie this post instore for her to honour the discount.


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