As you may have seen, I love tattoos, and I also love Tutti Rouge! And so when this happened, I full on had a bragasm…


The Tallulah Tattoo Bra from Tutti Rouge was quite literally made for me! That old school tattoo print warms my dark cold heart, and the pop of red with the bows is perfect.

tutti1 tutti2

I found the fit to be identical to the Betty and Birds Of A Feather bras – you can see my reviews here. I got this bra in a 34HH as my body has changed somewhat lately, and the fit was great. My boobs were a little fuller when the photos were taken due to the joy of periods, but having worn the bra several times since I can testify that it fits really well.

tutti3 tutti4

The bra has three hooks and eyes in my size, and the straps are semi adjustable – and of course the adjuster is the cutie Tutti signature heart. It’s not a bra that I would personally wear for a great deal of oomph and uplift, but it does give me a great rounded shape and it’s always nice to know that you’ve got something super cute going on under your clothes!

tutti5 tutti6

Sadly the matching knickers were near indecent on my huge hips and bum. I do wish that Tutti went bigger with their briefs – and I would also love to see some high waisted knickers or maybe a suspender belt with the set!

What are your thoughts?

Shop Tallulah here.

And watch the INCREDIBLE sassy Lucy Vixen being amazing in Tutti’s latest video here:


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