I’ve been pretty much BURSTING at the seams to share some very exciting news with you guys. I’m used to sharing my life on social media as and when things happen, and I’ve had to keep my lips firmly sealed about my latest exciting project for some months now!

As a lot of you will know, last year I had the giddy pleasure of designing a dress for Lady V London – the Estella dress. The dress did pretty well and I was super pleased with it, and following on from that I was offered the chance by Lady V London to create a full clothing line for a brand new plus size sister brand, called ‘Lady Voluptuous’, with items available in UK sizes 16-32. It was pretty overwhelming to say the least, and it still doesn’t feel quite real! I think once I start to see people wearing my designs and talking about them then the excitement will really hit!

I wanted to design dresses that plus size women had maybe not had the option of wearing before. Figure hugging, fab prints, great necklines – options, exclusively in dress sizes, and all made right here in the UK! It’s been pretty wonderful to tip ideas out of my head and onto paper and then see them come to life on the hanger and on my body. I hope to make plus size women feel beautiful and sexy and in love with their bodies in these creations.
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I’ve named the dresses after characters that I’ve adored or loved watching in books, plays, films and poems – because after all, they all have character. I’m hoping to add skirts, tops and accessories to the brand further down the line and it’s crazy to think that this is just the beginning!

On Wednesday I travelled up to the Midlands to have my shoot in the dresses with the wonderful ‘Pinup Academy’. I had tried the dresses on at home and had them adjusted a few times to suit what I had in mind, but I hadn’t really styled them, and so I was anxious about how they would look. At the same time, I want the dresses to be for women who are not me. Older, younger, bigger, different skin and hair colours, different shapes, different preferences – and of course I wanted to love everything, but I also wanted people with opposite tastes to love them too.

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The wonderful October Divine made me look like a goddess, and then I slipped into my corset and stupidly high heels and began to work my way through the dresses, marvelling at how something can look so different when it’s tried on away from my bedroom mirror with my slippers on. I fell in love with each dress and I began to feel incredibly proud. All I had really done was sketch a few messy drawings on a page and then hand them over to Lady V, and here they were, not as I had imagined them as I hadn’t really visualised them to the point of being really sure as to how they would look, but they were definitely things that my dreams were made of. I think the most awesome moment was when beautiful curvy size 10 October wistfully remarked that she would love them in her size, and I thought – amazing! For once the tables have turned and the plus size line had become the desirable one, and that’s pretty awesome! I really adored every dress, and some many new ideas kept popping into my head! I want to create more and more awesome and daring designs and not put a limit on what plus size women should wear. We want options and I want to provide them.

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I’ve been buzzing with excitement ever since I saw the raw images from the shoot and I am so happy and proud to finally share it all with you. This is just the beginning, and I think I might burst when I start to see images of you lovely ladies in them! So please, don’t be shy with sharing!

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