It’s probably time that I stopped saying ‘I never really wear trousers…’ and just embraced the fact that I now wear them a fair bit!
My new favourites are in a style that I have been searching for for AGES – cigarette pants! And now that I have some that fit and look fab, I will no doubt wear them to death!
It would be easy enough to style them in a retro way, but after accidentally styling this outfit like this for a casting recently, I decided I rather liked it! All black with a twist of colour, smart, casual and chic.

DSC_0001 DSC_0004 DSC_0012

Hair up, trousers on, no belt or shapewear… it’s a whole new George! But I don’t hate it!
These size 18 ASOS trousers do come up a smidge small, so size up if you have a large bum or are between sizes, but they are so comfy and they fit brilliantly. They are thick enough to not feel like leggings, and thin enough to still show off my shape.

DSC_0025 DSC_0033

I teamed them with a bodysuit that I found on eBay (I believe it was originally from Boohoo), Primark heels and an Evans jacket. The heels are shockingly comfy for Primark – I often find the arch a bit of an odd shape, and the straps even fit around my larger ankles. I love love LOVE this size 14 Evans jacket, it’s hard to crease it, it brighten up any outfit and it’s a fantastic fit.

DSC_0034 DSC_0050

My only gripe with these super amazing trousers is that it’s really hard to get the side zip fastened once they are on. I found it easiest to fasten the zip halfway, wriggle into them and then zip them up all the way.
They are easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion and they look just as good with trainers as they do with heels. Yes they aren’t especially flattering over my tummy area, but they make my butt look fabulous so I can live with that!


Thank you to Mr FFFB-to-be for once again braving the elements to take a gazillion photos of me. You’re the best :)


To shop the shoes I am afraid you’ll need to hit Primark or find an English friend!
To shop the bodysuit check out eBay or keep an eye on Boohoo or ASOS in case they bring similar styles in.
To shop the crepe jacket click here.
To shop the trousers click here.


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