Plus size retailers Simply Be recently opened a store on Oxford Street, and I naturally had to go and check it out!
It’s not too far from Oxford Circus station, and it’s a beautiful and well laid out store with spacious well lit dressing rooms, really friendly helpful staff members and loads of styles and sizes in stock.

I visited the store to try a leopard print dress that I had seen on their Twitter a few days before, and one of the lovely girls who worked there and manned the Twitter helpfully put it aside for me in a few sizes. The leopard print number and an own brand floral number were all that caught my eye that day, and it was such a great feeling to be able to shop another great plus size brand on the high street.


I was so please by how well the AX Paris leopard print dress fitted. It’s great to see them doing some more fitted and longer items in their plus size range.


I paired this dress with a black ASOS belt (click here for similar) and some navy blue heels from M&S. I realise that the colours don’t match whatsoever – I basically need a blue belt and the black version of those very comfy shoes!


The dress is a size 14 and a great bodycon fit on me. However, due to the busy pattern and higher neckline, I felt that the belt helped break the outfit up, as well as accentuate my waist even more. Here is how is looked without the belt:


I did have Maidenform shapewear shorts on under this dress, and I find a belt helps hide that slight bulge at the top where they sometimes stop slightly short of my bra.


I adore the leopard print used for this dress. The big bold asymmetrical print is perfect, and I think it’s a really versatile shaped dress. The fabric is a stretchy thinish ponte that doesn’t cling too much. I wore a red bra under it when I initially tried it on, and you could see it through it – so do bear that in mind.


I am 5’7 and the length is amazing on me. The slit isn’t too high, it doesn’t ride up whilst I walk and the arms are a great length.

Onto dress two. As you may have spotted I am trying to do more outdoorsy shoots to show off my outfits. As I was shooting two different looks, the logical thing to do inbetween outfits was to… bring the second look down with me and change in my secure bin store. Ahem.


Ta da!


This size 14 floral dress from Simply Be caught my eye as soon as I walked into the store, but it does really need trying on to do it justice.


I’m wearing the same belt and underwear and before (the bin cupboard had already seen too much) but with these black patent M&S heels.


As with the leopard print dress, this looked a lot better with the belt to accentuate my shape. It’s made out of a scuba type fabric that isn’t quite so good at clinging to curves, and the belt just gave it that gentle guidance. Here is is without the belt:


Again, this dress has higher neckline, but as it’s quite short and tight I think it works. I would personally not wear this out without tights and leggings – for one my trusty shapewear and the way the dress rode up slightly as a walked would be a recipe for embarrassment!


The dress has a decent amount of stretch to it which works well for me, however, I did find the arms to just be ever so slightly tight on my wings – nothing unmanageable.


I really loved the bright busy pattern, and I do think that the dress can be dressed up or down with ease. I wore it recently with leggings and boots and it was a great daytime look. A word of warning though – the fabric does keep you nice and warm!

You might have clocked a few snaps of what looks like a film crew in these photos, as well as a microphone on me. I am currently being filmed for a documentary on plus size fashion that will be out in the UK next Spring all being well, I will let you know more when I know more!

DSC_0084 DSC_0083 DSC_0082

How do you like these two dresses? Are you as pleased and impressed as I am to see things like this available in plus sizes in an actual London store? Let me know!


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