If you follow me on various social media channels, you might have seen that I recently met someone very very exciting…

I met Ashley Graham.

Luxury plus size retailer Navabi made all my dreams come true when then invited me to an intimate breakfast with the world’s most babely plus size model to talk about her new lingerie collection, and I moved heaven and earth (ok, my gym session, and I booked a taxi…) to make sure that I was there to meet her and talk about it. And being a lingerie blogger I naturally wanted to see and hear more about Ashley Graham’s second lingerie collection, which is now being sold exclusively at Navabi.

Ashley Graham’s lingerie, like the model her- self, is supremely sexy, yet highly wearable. Decadent styling includes lashings of black eyelash lace and seductive design details that allow a hint of flesh to peek through; while moving into spring highlights include a delicate cornflower blue corded lace range with signature double bow accents. It is exclusively available from navabi. Sizes run from 36E to 44E and prices start at £17.

I arrived a little late as I had to work the morning shift at my job beforehand, and I was so nervous to meet Ashley. But she greeted me like an old friend, and I nearly keeled over at how impossibly flawless she was in real life. No wonder she is a model. And she was just so sweet and lovely and made me feel less like a crazy stalker who tweets and comments on her photos in a slightly lewd way, and more like a normal functioning human who can keep it together at the sight of a gorgeous model. Also, she was utterly filthy, down to earth and funny as well as being interested in what I had to say. If I didn’t love her so much and already have our wedding dresses picked out, I would hate her and want to wear her skin as a coat.

Anyway, moving on…

The thing that I learnt and love about Ashley and her lingerie collections is that not only does she have a tonne of input into the designing process, the material choices and the general aesthetics of her collection, she also pretty much wears nothing but her pieces and knows the range inside and out. Far too many celebs now seem to put their names to a label that they probably barely even see, and I feel like it cheats the fans a little bit. But not Ashley and not her collection, and her passion and dedication to making beautiful lingerie was plain to see.

Ashley Graham exclusive at navabi - second collection 1

This is only her second collection, but she already has big plans for size expansions, and she hopes to soon take the range up to a US G/H.

Ashley Graham exclusive at navabi - second collection 2

The collection has some basic pieces – and by that I mean every day items, as they look luxurious, some sassier items and some downright sexy pieces. I especially adore the lace longline bra and the lace halterneck chemise. I love that Ashley said, of the chemise, (paraphrasing) “This is purely for bedroom wear. It pushes your boobs in and up and may not stay on for long! Some of the ladies who buy this tell me stories about the things that happened when they wore it…let’s just say that no one has been disappointed!”

Ashley Graham exclusive at navabi - second collection 4 Ashley Graham exclusive at navabi - second collection 3

Ashley talked a little about the modelling industry, and how she’s forever been told she’s too big, too small, too pretty, too ugly, too tall, too short, and it just rolls off her now. She can never be the ideal for every brand or person and she loves her body and her size and works hard to keep fit and in shape. Let’s be honest, the people who dislike her look are few and far between, and it’s pretty crazy to think that anyone wouldn’t find her to be a stunning beauty inside and out. Can you tell that I am quite fond of her!?

Ashley Graham exclusive at navabi - second collection 5

Big cliche, but I do feel like Ashley’s line is so much more than just ‘some underwear’. It’s years of hard work from a woman who is her own target audience. It’s affordable, it’s subtly sexy and stunning. Click here to shop the collection at Navabi.


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