Did I mention that a few months ago I helped to design and then modeled a dress for the amazing UK vintage repro company Lady V London?!

The dress is called ‘Estella’, named after one of my best friends…well, her nickname, which I got from ‘Great Expectations’! She was someone I shared my news and designs with and it seemed only fitting that the dress should pay tribute to her.
The dress was available in sizes 14-32 until Lady V got a few new fabrics in, and they decided to trial it in all their sizes – 8-32. The neckline was also tweaked slightly, as most of us had tacked or pinned it slightly closed as it did become a bit of a boobilicious dress on most wearers.

I was lucky enough to be able to try three of the new dresses, all in a size 16.

Estella1 Estella4 Estella7

I found them to be an absolutely amazing fit – almost like they were made for me 😉 The new stitched bust meant that the dress was a great fit across my chest without being too tight or higher than I would like, and although the waist was roomy it was still a nice fit on me.

Estella2 Estella5 Estella8

I styled each of these dresses ever so slightly differently – one with a visible petticoat, one with no petticoat, and one with a shorter petticoat. Each look gives the dresses a slightly different twist, and I do think that they are very versatile.
You can buy the amazing soft petticoats in sizes 8-28 here on the Lady V London website. I get a LOT of women asking me where they can buy larger petticoats, and these colourful creations from Lady V London will hopefully answer a lot of their prayers.

Estella3 Estella6 Estella9

I have teamed these dresses with various hair flowers, belts and shoes. Sadly none of them are current creations, but I generally shop at Collectif for my flowers, ASOS and eBay for my belts and New Look and M&S for my shoes – which I did sink into the grass in ever so slightly!

Do you want an Estella in your life? Shop the Lady V London Estella dress here.

If you fancy seeing some more reviews of the Estella then check out Debz’ review here and Lucia’s review here.

PLUS, there’s a huge sale all across the Lady V London site today (28/11/2014) so get shopping!!!


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