I’ve spoken about this so often, but it’s always relevant – when you have big tits and especially when they are paired with a longish torso, overbust corsets are a huge nono.

During my recent trip to Vollers Corsets I tried on several beautiful overbust creations, and I remained unconvinced that a sneeze or a cough wouldn’t dislodge my heaving heavy bosom. One corset that I particularly loved was the Essence. However, my boobs still popped out of it in an x rated manner, and I resigned myself to a life of underbusts. However, the lovely Corina Voller told me that they offered a custom fit service, and she said she would have the bust made slightly deeper and the corset sent back to me the following week. As you can imagine, I was super stoked by this, and when the altered corset arrived I rushed to try it on.


The corset was a far better fit than before. The straight across the bust style helped contain my bust really well, and whilst I was still given a rather glorious orb like look, I felt a bit more secure in it than I had previously.

DSC_008 DSC_004

The corset is a size 32, and I could lace it fully closed after a few wears. I could probably go tighter with it for a more dramatic look, but as it is it’s comfy to sit and move in – and yes, I am able to breathe…

DSC_009 DSC_003

The back of the corset is slightly curved upwards, making it really excellent as holding back the barrage of back fat that tight lacing can create. The corset comes with two suspender hooks on each side, and to those I attached my trusty Magic Seamed Stocking from The Big Tights Company.

DSC_005 DSC_007

The colouring of the corset is wonderful. It’s a very light ivory, and the black details make it look so classic and stunning. Vollers can add whichever colour you’d like to the corset, so if you were to use this piece as a bridal outfit or for another occasion, you could request or source any shade you fancied to make it match and suit the event.

DSC_002 DSC_001

I love the V shape at the bottom of the corset, as rather like the curved back, it helps keep squeezed out lumps and bumps in check. It also adds to the overall classic look of the item, and helps draw the eye to the hourglass shape it creates on the wearer.

I would definitely wear this without a bra, as I feel very comfortable and supported in it. Vigorous jumping around might dislodge the twins a bit, but I’m really happy with how this looks on me.

Do you also struggle with overbust corsets or have you too found the holy grail? Let me know!


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