Halloween is fast approaching, and so following a recent trip to the amazing Vollers Corsets HQ and coming away with a few delicious pieces, it seemed only apt that I share one of these pieces with you in a fancy dress style post.

I visited the factory last week, and seeing the ladies in action was utterly fascinating. Corsets are such detailed complex garments, and they require a lot of skill and time to create. It really made me realise why they cost what they do. It isn’t a simple garment to construct, it requires so many elements and precise measurements. Vollers have been handmaking corsets since 1899 and the company has remained a family business since then, with small pattern and style adjustments being made here and there to suit contemporary markets and demands.

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I tried on several awesome corsets during my time at the factory, and one of those was the Eye Candy in a size 32. It’s an overbust corset with a sweetheart neckline and detachable suspender straps. It had a slightly deeper bust section that other overbusts that I have tried.


The front fastenings can be hidden under the fabric, making it perfect to go under tighter dresses or skirts and tops and be slightly concealed.


Ideally I’d like the corset to flare ever so slightly more over my hips, but loosening the lower strings should help give that effect and comfort anyway. I found this corset pretty easy to move about and sit in – something that they instructed me to do at Vollers, and really easy to fasten on my own – I will make a tutorial of this one day. I could have fastened it a little more, but due to the way it made my boobs pop as it was, I rather liked it fastened to this comfortable spot.


It is possible to wear this without a bra, but it’s something that terrifies me slightly, and so if I were to rock this look at a fancy dress party, I would add a bra to it just for peace of mind. Here is how it looks without a bra:


What do you think you might dress up as this Halloween?
If this look takes your fancy then here are the links to shop it:

Click here to buy the corset.

Click here to buy the culottes.

Click here to buy the bra.

Click here to buy the leggings.

Click here to buy the shoes.

The cat ears, bow tie and really rather odd small tail were from a random seller on eBay.

Shout out to Google images for the make up ideas :)



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