I get so many requests from women asking me for advice on strapless bras and basques to wear under their dresses on their big day, and so when the wonderful people at Panache offered to send me some bridal lingerie, I jumped at the chance.

The first of the two pieces I tried was the Serenity basque, size 36H/2XL.


The set comes in a beautiful bridal white with padded cups and a boned bodice. The central gore and matching knickers features a gorgeous gem detail. Debbie the designer actually created the gems as replicas of the vintage earrings she wore at her own wedding 24 years ago. It’s touches like that that make the set especially wonderful – and tick the ‘something old’ box.


The set comes with detachable straps, and they straps look like cute little sleeves with their lace detail. It also has detachable suspender straps to give you the option of some sexy suspenders.
It’s not something I could get into by myself due to the need for it to be firm and the hook and eye fastenings, but luckily Mr FFFB was on hand to assist me! It was pretty firm and the cups didn’t properly contain me – I think that maybe a 38H would have been a little better on me.
I am 5’7 with a long torso, and this verged on being slightly too short for me. However, under a puffy wedding dress the gap would not be noticeable, and it would be a perfect look once the dress came off!

However, firmness is key when one wants to go strapless, and so I gave it a try…


Ta da! My breasts remained aloft and even had a gorgeous orb like shape to them. However, I did feel like my boobs were slightly collapsing the cups, and the boning in the body was starting to warp. It wasn’t the flushest fit for me as it was, but it didn’t feel uncomfortable. I think my large hips and proportionately small waist maybe slightly stopped the boning being flush with my body.
For me and my size, this basque would need a structured dress to accompany it just to keep the boobs aloft and secure – but I think that it would then be a dream!


The knickers were really comfy, but I could have done with a little more coverage. I push the 2XL limit, so I would say these are pretty true to size – I do have a very large bottom that takes up a lot of room!

The shoes worn here are from Primark, and the stockings are from The Big tights Company.

What did you wear under your dress on your wedding day?


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