For a lot of brides, weddings mean all white everything. The dress, the shoes – and the undies! And it might not be for everyone, but if you fancy attiring your legs in some snow coloured hosiery, then The Big Tights Company have got just the combo for you…


White lacy hold ups and a lacy suspender belt – the perfect mixture of class and sass hiding under a bridal gown! Alternatively, the combo could be donned for some wedding flavoured shenanigans after the big day – if you catch my drift…


Regular blog readers and social media followers will know that I adore hold ups from The Big Tights Company – and these were no exception at all. These are a size 20-26 and they are so comfortable. They stay up, they don’t dig in or roll down and they look amazing. Granted, I do wear them rather high, but I prefer how it looks on me and it’s really comfortable. They are also really long, but they don’t look baggy on my stumpy legs – win win for tall and short girls everywhere!

The suspender belt is a size 22-26, and so I wore it on the tighter hook. It’s a really gorgeous creation, and having six straps is excellent, and so supportive when wearing stockings. Of course, with these hold ups it is just for show, but I’ve worn the black version in the past and it’s never let me down. I wish I had a quick solution to the dreaded over the arse fasten, but sadly I know no short cuts – if you have one please share!

Did you wear hosiery on your wedding day – or will you be? What do you think about going all white?


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