Sheer cup pretty bras in a 38HH… that sounds like a crazy dream, huh?


Hello Ewa Michalak SM Cukiereczek.

This set in a 38HH/20 is the stuff big boobied dreams are made of – and something Ewa does so well.


It is STUNNING! The sheer cups with the gorgeous rose embroidery look too delicate to sustain the weight of a pair of boobies, but that magic four part cup construction strikes again! It makes my boobs look so rounded, something I usually rely on padded and moulded bras for. The straps are fully adjustable and the band has three hooks and eyes.


The cups are really deep and quite wide at the top, narrowing towards the bottom. Due to my top heavy, very wide boobs, I don’t quite fill the cups out all the way to the bottom, especially on my smaller side. But it’s not visible through clothes or uncomfortable.


As the stars might indicate, the bra is quite sheer! And I love it. It’s sexy and pretty in equal measures. The knickers are a perfect match – not too sheer, but sexy enough to match the set. I really love the soft back of the knickers with the double layer of fabric. They are stretchy on the booty, which is a godsend for my behind!

I am quite tanned and so this bra doesn’t quite match my skintone, but I can imagine it would be perfect on paler ladies who want a flesh coloured bra. I can’t help but think bridal thoughts…

Like always, Ewa will custom make you a bra if you cannot find your size in the SM Cukiereczek online.

How do you like this set?


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