I’m not sure how much I can say about the Bardot dress from Scarlett&Jo. The photos should speak for themselves…


Having tried the first 2 in 1 Scarlett&Jo dress in a 16 previously, I knew that this would be the best size in the Bardot.


The black stretchy top of the dress is perfect for accommodating a larger bust. The flash does make it look a teeny bit see through, but in reality, so long as your bra is black or dark, you can’t see through it.


This style is a little different to the first prom dress. The skirt is longer and it sits off the shoulders. I simply pulled my bra down to make the neckline work for me.


I really adore the thick waist band, and it helps cinch me in and show me off. The puffy skirt with a small inbuilt petticoat helps add some body to the skirt, without it being too fancy looking.


This dress would look perfect at a wedding or fancy event.  The gorgeous colours make it versatile, and it could be easily dresses up or down.


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