My life motto seems to be, “If you love it, buy ten of it in every colour” and it’s a mantra I really try to live by. Heck, I should have it as my new tattoo!

One dress that ticks that boxes is the Ava dress from Pinup Girl Clothing. It comes in so many pretty colours, and having had and adored the teal version for a few years, I feel no shame in wanting them all.

ava1 ava2 ava3 ava4 ava5 ava6

The Ava is stocked in sizes XS-4XL and it’s shown on a range of models. I identify most with La Cholita or Natalie Alvarado, and it’s just amazing that PUG (the shorthand way of saying ‘Pinup Girl Clothing’) show how their dresses work for so many women by using a bevy of different looking babes.

This dress is labelled as working for ‘busty’ women, and I think we all know I tick that box! My 49-33-50 or so measurements fall just outside the 2XL measurements, but due to the wrap skirt and ever so slightly (and I mean EVER SO) stretchy fabric, I can squidge my way into 2XL with only a small bit of boob spillage.


The Ava is made from a gorgeous shiny satiny looking material. It doesn’t cling to lumps and bumps and it keeps it’s shape beautifully. It does crease, but not easily. These photos were taken after it had been folded for several weeks and my hatred of ironing is slightly visible. However, when I have worn my older teal version out I do iron it on a low heat and it looks even more amazing.


This dress very much calls for a wonderful occasion to wear it. And although my life is not full of those, I still do manage to wear teal Ava out! I’ve worn her to a Ball, I wore her in Milan when I visited for the Marina Rinaldi project, I have worn her to the theatre and I have worn her to a dinner party. And so I know my two never dresses won’t be worn a huge amount, but I do hope I will have a use for them very soon!


I am wearing light Maidenform shapewear and a Freya Deco bra underneath the dresses. The V is very low and you will need quite a plunging bra to wear underneath it. The wrap skirt can help hide a multitude of sins, but you should also be slightly careful of how you sit in it – accidental flashing is no fun!


The colours are so vivid and amazing! I did initially (and still do) want the purple not the red, but I am so glad I have the red. It’s a real statement dress and I do so love wearing red. The Spanish print is also wonderful and bold, and I cannot decide which one I will wear first!


The sash used to cause me such a headache! However, thankfully Pinup Girl Colthing came up with a solution in the way of a ‘How-To’ video – so check it out if you are unsure of how to tie it:

The waist and the arms of dresses are usually my bugbears, but thanks to the sash and a fairly generous arm hole, this dress feel like to was made for me in both of those areas! I have to say that if I did not have my heart set on a slightly different style of dress, I might be tempted by the white Ava for my wedding next July. Can I have a change of dress halfway through the day!?


So that’s the Ava dress from Pinup Girl Clothing! Do you also have a dress like Ava – a dress that you must own in every colour and that works in every colour because it almost looks like another dress? Let me know!

The shoes are very old and no longer available – buy a similar version from Evans here.

My hair flowers are from Forever21 and can be found here.


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