If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know of my love for Evans commission brand Scarlett & Jo. Girly glam sophistication in plus sizes – perfection! And so when I was asked to partake in a recent shoot with some fellow bloggers and models and couldn’t refuse! As ever I was in awe of the new styles that Scarlett & Jo would be bringing out – as well as a few old favourites that had been revamped! Check out some snaps of me in the divine floral print prom dress:

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Myself, Hanna, Danie and Callie were all absolutely over the moon when Vogue Curvy covered our involvement in the range last week *sing Madonna*


Click here to see the final Summer Romance photos from Scarlett & Jo.

Of course, most of the collection appealed to me, but today I will be showing you just three pieces.

The first is one of the revamped items – the trusty Scarlett & Jo Powerfit dress in a size 16.


The old version of the dress was made out of a thick ponte type material. The neckline was a ‘V’ rather than a crossover, and there was no lace insert. This version is made out of a more crepe like material and it feels a little lengthier.


The colour is as eye popping as it’s predecessor, and of course that illusion is as fabulous as it ever was.


The dress is zip free, and you have to pull it on over your head. The 3/4 length sleeves mean that if, like me, you are not a fan of your arms you can leave the cardi at home.


I am wearing the dress with light shapewear, and as you can see I am fairly smoothed out, but not as pulled in as I might like. The dress also has a smoothing lining inside which is great – I just prefer something a little more heavy duty and I will wear one of my trusty Maidenform pieces with it when it leaves the house!

Overall I like Powerfit 2.0 and I think a lot of other ladies will also be pleased with the reincarnation of an old favourite.

Next up I just HAD to own the floral print prom dress that I wore in the shoot. I am usually a 16 in S&J items, however, this dress has zero stretch, hence why my bust is a little squished in the pro images. And so I tried an 18:


And it is spot on! The waist is a little large, but the tie that it comes with helps sort those woes out.


This dress has all the elements of a garment that should not work for me. High necklines and no sleeves are usually a tale of horror – but somehow this just WORKS! It’s the perfect balance of feminine and stylish, and I don’t feel frumpy or like I’ve gained a dress size – even though I quite literally have.


The dress comes with an underskirt that helps give the dress a slightly fuller appearance, balancing it out. I really really like this – although apologies for the slight creases!

Last and by no means least is the one that my fellow bloggers cannot get enough of… it’s the 2 in 1 floral prom dress in a size 16.


This dress…it’s just perfect. I was in awe when I saw the beautiful Danie in it as it’s everything I need and want in a dress! Stretchy up top with an inbuilt waist band and a gorgeous bright floral skirt. Amazing!


I don’t need a belt with it, I don’t need a cardi with it and I can team it with so many colours!


This dress also comes with an underskirt to help add volume, and for me that’s the only part that I’m slightly unsure about. I worry that it makes the dress a bit too short on me and adds bulk, but at the same time I feel so fun and girly!


I confess that I made a bad bra choice with this one. The top fits me perfectly, but it is pretty stretched and so a shiny blue bra was not the one to wear under it. Black bras only ladies!

My bridesmaid-to-be CurvWordy reviewed this dress recently, and she also liked to several other beauties who gave it a whirl, so give that a read NOW!

Scarlett & Jo currently have a gorgeous poppy print version of the dress out, and I think we can expect to see several more amazing versions of it. I hope that it becomes an items that they bring out again and again in many colour ways as it is amazing.

Now, let me talk to you about my red shoes! I was out shopping in Lakeside with CurvyWordy on Monday and I spotted the black version which do look rather similar to the shoes I am wearing in my first few photos. I am generally a 7, but in wide fit I need a 6 and so I asked the lovely assistant Liz for the size 6 version. Sadly, the black ones had flown out and so there were none left, but she did bring me the red version and I unwittingly fell in love! T bar shoes are my preference as they stay on my feet a little easier and have that vintage look. The heel was the Goldilocks of heels – high, but not too high, chunky and sturdy, but not clumpy. And the insoles were cushioned – perfect! And so I just had to pair them with my prom dress and a fake foliage filled barnet to try to complete the look. My only gripe with the wonderful shoes is that the t bar comes up slightly too high and highlights my less than slim ankles and calves. I am oh so conscious of shoes that do this, and I prefer my legs to look longer and slimmer. However, I can overlook that for the comfort factor!

So what do you think of the range? Let me know!


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