A few months ago I had the pleasure of receiving and reviewing the Curvy Kate Ritzy babydoll. I adore the shape that the cups gave me, and given that I was a test model for the bra version of it, I couldn’t wait to give that a try as well…


Behold, the Curvy Kate Ritzy in a size 36H/20.


As stated in my babydoll review, the size I really should be in Ritzy is my standard size of 36H, and I was 95% bang on with that size in the bra.


Because I have large top heavy boobs, it’s sometimes tricky to know whether plunge bras are a perfect fit verging on too small, or whether my breast shape and size is causing the ever so slight spillage that I sometimes get. However, it’s not something that proved noticeable under clothes, it’s more something I spotted when I looked back through the photos I had taken for this post.


The cups are slightly more padded than I am used to, and I adore it! I am a huge fan of padded and moulded bras as they help shape my boobs and hide my nipples! This particular bra held my bust very solidly, for want of a better description, and I felt really secure in it. My Freya Deco is often my go to for plunging cleavage, but I do find that I move around quite easily in it. Not Ritzy! She held me in place and made my gravity loving boobs feel like they’d been under the knife!


The simple pinstripe pattern is a classic, and makes the bra rather versatile. I can see it being great for a shoot or a fancy dress costume, and well as perfect under a LBD or even a work outfit. Due the the frill at the top of the cups it obviously will be no good under anything too tight.

Three hooks and eyes, fully adjustable straps and great rounded cups – that’s my kind of bra!

The knickers were a perfect fit in a size 20, and really soft and comfy.

How do you like the Curvy Kate Ritzy? Have you tried one? Do you want to try one?


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