Hot weather + big thighs = a bow legged waddling nightmare thanks to chafing. Thankfully The Big Bloomers Company have stepped up to the cake laden plate…

Welcome to the long awaited All Woman Anti Chafing Long Leg Knickers from The Big Bloomers Company

Designing these anti chafing knickers has been a long, laborious job and we really have to thank our two in-house plus-size models Camilla and Pip for the amount of times they’ve come to the warehouse to try on the prototypes and the continual feed-back they have supplied during development.

The problem has always been that the fabric of the legs tended to ride up leaving the inner thighs to rub together and chaff.

Our Italian partners have been very keen to help us solve this problem and when it was suggested that a fairly wide cuff might be the answer they worked with us to produce a cuff that would be stretchy – but not too stretchy, tight – but not too tight, deep – but not too deep. Each of these points was discussed at length, prototype long legged knickers were designed and sent over to us for Camilla and Pip to wear and report back to us as to the anti-rolling up and anti chaffing qualities.

One of the big problems is of course the fact that Camilla and Pip are a completely different height, weight and shape. They are both decidedly plus size ladies, but Camilla is a good six inches shorter than Pip and so what they each considered a long leg and a deep cuff were different.

Eventually, we were able to agree on all of the points of discord. We’ve produced long leg anti chafing knickers in two lengths and with a revolutionary ribbed leg cuff to prevent the legs from bunching up when walking.

Finally – the colour. We’ve had so many requests for anti chafing long leg knickers in a natural/flesh colour that we felt we could no longer ignore the pleas and so you’ve got them – new design long leg knickers with deep cuff band and a new colour as well. That’s it then ladies, enjoy your new All Woman long leg anti chafing knickers from The Big Bloomers Company.

* Two leg lengths, mid calf and above knee
* Ribbed leg cuff to prevent riding up of leg
* 5 sizes from UK16 to UK40 (please do not order a size bigger than you need, these knickers are true to size)
* Three colours, natural black or white
* Two sculptured, seamless back panels mould to the shape of your behind adding support and comfort
* Top quality Italian product


I tried the longer length knickers in a 2XL, and the first thing that struck me was just how lightweight they are! Under tight dresses I will still wear shapewear shorts, but on very hot days when floaty dresses are a must, tight fitting thick shapewear shorts can be all sorts of sweaty, so these will be perfect.


They come up nice and high, but they don’t cut it at the waist or on my sizeable legs. It also felt like they fit exactly the same, despite the colour difference.


Both pairs are slightly see through, especially the white. However, as they will be worn under floaty thicker dresses this doesn’t concern me personally, but it is something to take note of if you plan to wear them under something a little more revealing.


I have worn and wash both pairs several times, and I didn’t notice any rolling up or a need for much adjusting throughout the day. You really notice just how lightweight they are – it feels almost as if you are wearing tights and nothing else! And that certainly made me feel a little ‘freer’ than usual when I first put them on. However, I soon got used to the sensation and I will be extremely grateful for them once the sun shows it’s face again.

How do you usually combat chafing?


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