Boohoo are a brand that I have adored for years! Back in the day I used to be able to squeeze myself into size 14 dresses, often wishing that the styles came up a little bigger and maybe a little longer. And so when I first got wind of Boohoo’s new plus size line I was eager to give it a try!

The line is a mixture of pieces from their own brand as well as a few outside plus size brands. And whilst I do wish that it reflected the style of their size 8-14 clothes a little more closely, I do so love the edgy funky mixture of items, and the amazing shoot images as seen in their Lookbook. Everything below is either on the site now, or due to arrive within the next few weeks.

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When I was offered the chance to give some Boohoo pieces a try I felt inspired to take one baby step out of my comfort zone. And so I opted for this unlikely combo…


This size 18 skirt with this size 20 top and matching jacket, which will be hitting the site soon.


I teamed the look with some amazing heels from their lust worthy shoe department and an old eBay belt. Naturally, there is some Maidenform shapewear going on as well!


The skirt and heels are 100% me, but the top and jacket? Hell no! Loud, shapeless high necked floral items that don’t show me off in a way that I like. I was up for the challenge!
Originally I was going to wear the top untucked as seen on the model, but it really was a step too far. A size 20 fit comfortably across my boobs but hung off me elsewhere, and I was prepared to only go so far away from my usual style. And so I Georged my outfit up by tucking the top into my skirt and adding the belt, giving me that definition that makes me feel like ME, but with a more unusual top half.


I was terrified of the jacket when I first saw it. I thought that it would have more structure, but it was more of a jersey ponte material. However, once I added it to the outfit I felt a lot better about how it looked, and I was actually really shocked by how much I liked the overall combination.


The skirt is rather flimsy, and I would really struggle to ever wear it without shapewear – which is not a problem as I am a slave to the Maidenform! The size 18 was pretty bang on, and a 16 would be ok but I worry that it would stretch too thin. The size 20 top and jacket were also a good fit, but an 18 may have worked a tiny bit better.


Generally I am pretty pleased with my Boohoo Plus haul. It’s nice to be able to try something a little different and also be able to make it work for me – which is what fashion is about. Don’t dismiss something because it looks like something you’d hate, give it a chance and your own personal twist and you never know how it will work out. You may want to imitate someone’s style but it might fall flat on you. So add those familiar personal touches and make it your own style!


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