It’s getting to be that season again – you know the one. It’s time to shake the dust off the wedding hats and bust out the strappy sandals… unless of course, you’re the one getting hitched. If that is you then you’ll probably be sampling wedding cakes, re jiggling seating plans – and no doubt bridal lingerie will be somewhere on that to-do list.

If you are a busty girl going for a traditional dress and some white or ivory lingerie, then look no further than Mio Destino. They have a huge range of traditional bridal lingerie as well as many other sets. And with this in mind (despite the fact I am not getting married yet, market research ya know…) I perused what Mio Destino had to offer in the way of big bust bridal sets, and I came across the Curvy Kate Lola ivory and gold set, size 36H/20.


Despite having reviewed the Lola babydoll in black in the past and finding the 36H fit a bit off, I stuck with that size for the bra as I thought that the fit may be a little different. As it goes, 36H seemed pretty spot on, although I would be interested to try a 36HH just to determine whether I need to size up, or whether my top heavy boobs are what’s giving me the slightest smidge of overspill when I raise my arms.


From the side the lightly padded cups give my boobs a slightly pointed shape. However, once clothes have been added that shape quickly becomes more rounded. There is a slight hint of cleavage from the front which will be perfect for a bride who doesn’t want to distract her new spouse!


As I touched on before, I feel that this set is suited better for women with bottom heavy breasts, and due to the positioning of the straps I feel that women with narrow shoulders and/or less wide breast roots will get on better with it. For more information on breast shapes check out Bras I Hate&Love‘s blog with just one of many fantastic insightful posts on the subject.


The peachy gold detailing on the Lola set is offset beautifully by the ivory satin. And I know that bows aren’t for everyone, but I love how they finish off the look.


The straps are fully adjustable and there are three hooks and eyes on the bra band. I would desbribe the band as firm with stretch – and I could probably squeeze to a 34 in this style and still find the fit comfortable. The knickers were bang on in a 20, and you’ve got to love a sheer bottom 😉

If you are in need of a traditional bridal set then the Curvy Kate Lola from Mio Destino is pretty much perfect. Just make sure you nab one in time to try on under your wedding dress so that you can determine whether or not the shape and style works for you. And if you’re in need of something honeymoon worthy, why not check out the Lola babydoll.

For more information on the set click here.

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