So up until a few weeks ago, I’d never had call or reason to buy myself a wig other than for the purposes of fancy dress. That was, until I shaved my head for breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!

Don’t get me wrong, I am embracing the GI Jane look, but I’m also up for making the most of an opportunity and having a little fun whilst I am at it. Plus it won’t stay short for long and as I go through the awkward tennis ball stage of re growth I might need a few cover options to help be past it!

Given the opportunity to review a wig from Wonderland Wigs, I thought ‘why the heck not’ and went for something so entirely different from my own hair that no one could think I was pining for my old look.

This is me, before and after shaving my head;


As you can see I had quite the head of hair, it was long, all one length and really thick. It used to take me forever to dry and if I put it up after a shower it still wouldn’t be dry at the end of the day. Even though I miss it sometimes, it never takes away from the joy I feel knowing that it will be made in to a wig for a kid who has already gone through the pain of cancer treatment and may not have the courage in reserve for the shock of losing their hair.

So we go from one wig to another, the wig in question being a blonde and blue bob with a fringe…told you it was entirely different to my original hair!


The first thing I’d like to mention is that Wonderland Wigs don’t just do fun, fancy wigs, they also do regular hair colours in a variety of styles that would suit the more demeaning among you who want it for less gregarious reasons. They also do hair pieces and half wigs for those people who just need some extra oompfh! Everyone knew I was shaving my head so there was no point for me to try and cover that up. Instead I went for a statement piece and something colourful!

It’s important to note that I received the wig before I actually shaved my head and with all the hair I used to have, it was difficult to get on! If you have a mass of hair don’t expect to be able to hide it without some extensive pinning, a possible hair net and a lot of prodding and poking. It’s hardly surprising that I struggled considering just how much hair I had.

With that said, once all that hair was gone this wig fits like a glove and has an elasticated and comfortable cap inside as well as an extra clasp should it need tightening. It’s very useful should you want to dance the night away without worrying that it’s going to fly off during an energetic rendition of Beyonce.

In the matter of comfort I have no complaints. Like anything, a hat, a hair band etc it’s an alien thing on top of your head so you get the odd itch but no more than you would if you had your hat on all day. In fact, if it’s a bit cold out it’s a blessing in disguise (do you see what I did there) as it gives some extra warmth to the top of your head.

My one complaint would be that when it was sat in a comfortable and snug position on my head, the fringe was in my eyes so I swept it to the side. I’m a fan of a sharp fringe and for that reason may actually style the wig a little and take the scissors to it to make that happen…when I’m feeling a bit braver of course!

Other than that, who is inviting me out to a party so I can give it it’s first outing?!


“Lizzie made a huge sacrifice and shaved her head whilst at the same time raising awareness for a still prolific disease and one that has affected so many people, men and women both. If you would like to contribute to her cause, please make a small donation to her Just Giving page… thank you.”



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