A few weeks the go I had the enormous pleasure of representing Curvy Kate on the streets of London.


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When I was first asked to strut my stuff on Oxford Street my one condition was that I get to wear a babydoll and hold ups! Back then I was asked with several other ladies, and first and foremost I wanted to be covered. ‘But why?’ I hear you ask, ‘You blog in your skivvies all the time!?’ – the thing is, I am in control on my blog. The positions and photos are carefully selected and I know exactly what I am putting out into the world. On the streets of London I would be papped and snapped from every which way. And whilst my wobbly bottom can look pretty awesome with a cocked leg and a clever pose in my lounge, it is not yet ready to take it from every angle. So to speak. My second reason was that a babydoll in my size is a huge huge HUGE rarity! And as I would be with other women of all shapes and sizes in other types of undercrackers, I felt that showing a babydoll on a big busty broad would be spectacular!

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As it turned out, I was the only Curvy Kate girl to sashay down Oxford Street, but I still stuck to my guns with the babydoll wearing. The lovely Hannah from curvy Kate provided me with a Curvy Kate Ritzy babydoll, which was one I had not tried before. Hannah brought me the babydoll in a 36GG and a 38G to see which one would work best, and I went for the 38G. This is a band size up from my usual CK bras, and I’d say that the band is rather firm. I did make a small error with the cups, as I assumed that this product came in ‘Showgirl’ sizes and therefore a GG would be the highest size for the 36 band, and a G for the 38. As it turns out it comes in 28-38 D-J – awesome news! Fingers crossed the bands run larger one day! And so the 38G did run a smidge small, and I would say that a 38GG would be the perfect size for me. So one band up and the relative cup size.

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I spent about an hour and a half in the babydoll as I prepped myself for the imminent street exposure, strutted my stuff and then tottered back to get dressed. I actually really enjoyed my time, despite feeling a little out of place what with being the shortest roundest one there! I didn’t feel the cold but that may have been the nerves or the fact that I was already covered up and kept having dressing gowns thrown at me! The babydoll felt comfy, sexy, sassy and supportive.

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Ritzy and I were the perfect duo out in the winter elements, and I know she will sizzle just as much next time I give her a whirl. I love the pinstripe details, the length and the plunging padded cups.

The hold ups seen in my post can be found here.

What do you think of Curvy Kate’s second foray into the land of babydolls? Will you be or have you tried Lola?


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