A few months ago I went for a shoot with Andrew Wood Photography. I posted up some behind the scenes shots, and there was one in particular that got you lot lusting (for the dress, that is)…


This image of me in the Claudette dress by Collectif. Please note: in this images I had a What Katie Did Morticia corset on underneath.

I was bombarded with women asking me where they could find the dress, and at the time Collectif were just waiting for a new batch and so I knew a few ladies were eagerly waiting it’s return…

Well, GOOD NEWS! Not only is the Claudette by Collectif back in almost a full range of sizes, it is also in the sale!


My Claudette is a UK18. As it is made of a rather generously heavy stretchy velvet, I could have gone for a 14 or 16. However, the bust area would probably make sizing down a bit of a boob cutting issue, and so as it stands the 18 is probably the best overall.


My waist isn’t teeny by any means, but I sometimes do struggle with items that glide right over it and make me look boxier than I am. And so I was extremely pleased by the fit of the Claudette that nipped me right in and showed my shape off.


As this is a very sleek dress and I love a smooth silhouette, shapewear was a MUST! I teamed this look with a Freya Deco and some Maidenform high waisted shorts.


The shape of this dress is luscious. A classic 1940s shape with a gorgeous flare at the bottom of it. The neckline is low enough to balance out the length of the dress, yet classy enough to still allow this to be an elegant dress. The ‘V’ at the back means that a large and heavy bust such as mine won’t pull down against it and press into the wearer’s neck.

I’d love to see this in a few more colours. Green is my absolute favourite, and so this dress is perfect for me. However, a rich purple or red would also be amazing in this design. I’d also love this with 3/4 length sleeves or lacey sleeves but that’s just for me and my aversion to bare arms!

This dress calls for special occasions, as dictated by the length and style. I can see me wearing it to formal occasions or maybe the theatre.

Just for reference – I am 5’7 and the length was spot on for me in a pair of mid height heels. And may I apologise for the brightness of the photos. My old camera passed away and the new one is still a slight mystery to me!

What do you think of the Claudette dress by Collectif? Where would you wear it and how would you style it?


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