I see a lot of companies inviting bloggers to take part in certain ‘fashion challenges’, and when I get asked to do so I usually politely decline as I am not overly ‘fashionable’ and I tend to stick with what I know and like. However, when Marisota contacted me recently to see whether I would be interested in breaking so called ‘plus size’ rules I was very up for it, as I do this on the daily!

The five style barriers to choose from were:
* “Horizontal stripes are unflattering”
* “You can’t clash colours”
* “Pastel colours are difficult to wear in winter”
* “Prints shouldn’t be mixed”
* “Skinny jeans are unflattering”


As luck would have it I was the first girl to reply to the email, and so I had the pick of the five rules! I decided to go for the skinny jeans rule, as although I am very much a dress girl, when I do enter into the world of trousers I am all about the skinny jeans!


Jersey skinny jeans, size 18.
Textured jersey peplum top, size 16.
Grazia velvet chunky platforms, size 6EEE.
Stud detail belt, size 16-18.

This was the outfit that I chose! I have played it pretty safe in terms of colours, but I wanted to pick something transitional that I would feel happy wearing on many occasions. Sadly, there is one element of the outfit that I feel didn’t work – the shoes! They were extremely comfortable and a great fit for my wide feet, but I did feel that they let the look down a little.


And so I decided to change the outfit up a little by adding some Primark stillies instead – very Girl With Curves!


These jeans are more like jeggings and they are very stretchy and comfy. A size 16 would probably have been the best fit for me to be honest. The peplum to was also quite generous, but the fit in the bust was spot on and I fear a 14 would have gone see through. The belt was waaayyyy too big on my waist and even when I tied it I was unable to get a nice snug fit with it. I know it is designed to be worn lower and I should have ordered down a size.


This is a look that I feel very comfortable in, and I would never dream of wearing anything other than skinny jeans. Back in my ’emo days’ I wore huge flared jeans and it was not the most flattering look on me. When I went to University I first forayed into the world of the skinny jean, and I was amazed at what a difference they made to my size 14-16 figure. I had expected them to show my fat thighs and bum off – which they did, but nothing more. The flared jeans I wore added inches as they gave the illusion of a lot of leg hiding under them, but the skinny jeans just told it like it was! I am all about ‘flattering’, and so I tend to gravitate towards looks that do show off what I have and conceal what I hate. It’s not for everyone, but it’s just how I like to express myself through clothes.


What do you think of the ‘skinny jeans rule’ being broken?


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