I have decided that I need more volume in my wardrobe. I have been forever coveting a tutu skirt, I recently acquired several petticoats and a gorgeous full on amazing puffy skirted dress from Collectif – more on that soon!
And so when Yours Clothing offered me the chance to review a party piece from their site, I had to go for this black sleeveless floral lace prom dress.


I went for this dress in a size 18 as I worried that a smaller size might mean a snug fit on the bosoms. As it stands I could possibly have gotten away with a 16, but I would worry that the dress would show my bra at the sides and be even shorter!


The shortness of the dress is something that my legs and I will need to get used to. I was very concerned about my overly large bottom pulling the dress up way too much at the back, but it’s actually a great fit – so long as I don’t bend over! Ooh err! I only really wear tights during the deepest darkest depths of winter, and the perfect tights to go with this dress are these Paris lady 50 denier microfiber tights from The Big Tights Company in a size 30/32. The tights are a really great fit and they are long enough on my 5’7 frame to tuck up under my bra – less chance of lumps and bumps and my tights falling down around my knees! They are a good thickness and they make me feel more secure about having my knees on show.

(Pardon my white knickers, they are merely to illustrate the thickness of the tights.)

The bust section of the bra is slightly padded, which is not a feature that I tend to look for! It doesn’t seem to add any bulk, and it will be great on women who may wear this dress with a non padded bra and not want to alert everyone to the temperature. Part of the top section of the dress is see through, which might call for a strapless bra from some. As my bust is unable to perform such miracles, I teamed the dress with a trusty black Freya Deco and the slightly visible straps do not bother me.
As the dress is not the perfect cinched in look I favour on my waist I decided to add an old belt to it.


Due to the puffiness of the skirt this belt didn’t quite work on me. I may have to source a very slim or a very thick belt to see how they work instead.


I really like the colour of the dress. I could maybe pull off a rockier look with this dress – I’m thinking a quiff, a leather jacket and some killer hoop earrings! Not my usual style but like I said, I’m a sucker for netting right now!

I have no shapewear on with this dress (as shown) and the heels are an old ASOS pair. As mentioned, the bra is a Freya Deco and the belt is a very old jobbie – I believe it was from Primark.

What do you think of this very different look for me? Is it something you might try?


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