It’s no secret that I LOVE Pinu Girl Clothing. I came across them about three years ago when frustration at not being able to find dresses that fit my body and my sense of style led me to googling ‘plus size leopard print dress’. I came across a gorgeous fitted leopard print dress by Micheline Pitt, PUG’s in-house designer, model, PR&Marketing woman and all round genius. The dress was the best fitting item I’d ever owned, despite my previous obsession with Pepperberry. And so for the last three years I have remained a loyal PUG fan and customer, singing their praises and rocking their clothes at every possible opportunity. I think there have been maybe three dresses that haven’t worked on me – an impressive feat for someone with my size and shape buying from a non speciality store.

I was recently sent three gorgeous items, two of which I will be reviewing today. These items arrived at a time when I was due to go on a night out and feeling a little lardy, if I’m honest. I can’t exactly admit to having an empty wardrobe, but on that particular day I was at a loss as to what I would be wearing that night. And when I tried the dresses on, I suddenly felt all shades of sexy!


The Pris dress by Pinup Girl Clothing very nearly made the cut for the night out, and I can’t wait until I do get to rock it at a party or on a dance floor.


Despite my hip and bust measurement slightly exceeding the helpful chart that accompanies the dress on the site, this 2XL dress was an amazing fit on me.


The satin is stretchy enough to fit to my body, and the red knit panels help with that final bit of give.


The dress has a fixed belt on the front panel. It works in the same way that bra straps work in the way that it doesn’t have buckle holes. It didn’t quite stay put during my hour or two of wearing it and taking photos, and I may have to devise some sort of way to keep it in place. As you all know I love a good belt, and ideally I would add it to the dress just because I like they way they make me look and feel. However, I don’t think this dress suffers because of the lack of belt. The bust section of the dress is pretty much as small as I can go without completely shocking people (cos, ya know, BEWBS). It does give me a rather ‘wench like’ cleavage which I do enjoy.


The dress has two flared splits at the back. The means that I can sit/walk/bend down to put my humungous ASOS heels on and generally act like a human in the dress without anything ripping or being unnecessarily revealed.


The sleeves are a good fit. I do have very large upper arms and they don’t dig in or cause me to have sausage arms.


In these photos I am wearing Primark control pants, which are a little big to control anything, and they more just smooth me out and prevent the dreaded chub rub. This dress is a little unforgiving across my stomach, and so I will team it will something a little more heavy duty when I wear it outside my flat! The bra is a Freya Deco, and the shoes are an old ASOS pair.
The bag is my very first PUG bag. It is the Pinup Couture- Bow Handbag in Red Vinyl with Black Vinyl Trim.
I have wanted a cutesy pinup bag for AGES and I adore this one. The strap is long enough to fit over my arm, it clips shut (a must when you take frequent tube journeys) and it has several pockets and compartments inside for storing oysters cards, phones, mirrors and all the other girly essentials. Plus, it’s red and black, two colours that I adore. It totally suits the rest of the outfit and I am super chuffed with this look. The bag comes in several other cute colourways, and it is a really good size.

The Laura Byrnes Pinup Girl Clothing Pris dress currently comes in this red, as well as black, navy and grey, and I think the grey one may need to come home with me one day. I really hope that it comes out in some brighter colours for spring as the shape is perfect on a plus size curvy girl like me.

What do you think of Pris? Will you be indulging? Is that handbag calling your name? Let me know!


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