Scarlett & Jo never fail to impress me. They’ve been going strong for almost a year, and it that time they have become extremely well known and well loved by bloggers and customers the world over.

I was recently given the chance to try the Scarlett & Jo Black Side Split Velvet Maxi Dress in my usual Scarlett & Jo size: 16.


The dress is made of a gorgeous soft stretchy velvet. It has a slit up one side the goes to just above the knee and a sheer top section and three quarter length sleeves. The black velvet at the neckline is cut in a sweetheart shape, and there is a jewel detail just above it.


The dress fit me like a glove in a size 16! I am 5’7, and the length was pretty good on me. I do believe that Scarlett & Jo items are cut for women who are slightly shorter than me, as I do find myself wishing that a lot were just a tad longer.


Sorry about the faux pas in this photo – I didn’t spot it until the next day, but as you can see the hanger loop has fallen down one of my sleeves! This is not part of the dress detail.


The slit on the dress was a nice height. It would *slightly* show off any shapewear pieces that might hit the knee, but for me it wasn’t so high that I would feel like I needed to cover myself every two seconds.


In conclusion – I think that this is a great dress, and one that will be perfect for a Christmas party or event. The bling neckline makes an otherwise ‘gothic’ flavour of dress sparkle and shine, and it lends itself to the dress being teamed with a silver clutch and maybe some silver shoes. Personally I cannot wear strapless bras and so I wore a regular Freya Deco with this dress. To me the straps showing are not an issue and although no straps would be nice, it’s good to know that bra straps don’t ruin the overall look of the dress. I had some generic Primark shapewear shorts on in these photos. They smooth rather than suck in, and just help give me a nice clean silhouette under the dress.

What do you think of the dress? Is it the answer to all of your Christmas party dreams?


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