It feels like only yesterday that Tutti Rouge launched, and yet they have quickly become well known and well loved by bloggers and customers alike – and check out their wicked website!

I recently received a beautiful parcel from Tutti HQ. Inside the signature pink wrapping was some sweeties and some lingerie – big thumbs up!


The set in question was the lovely Evelyn in a 36H. She was everything that I have come to love and expect in a Tutti Rouge bra – gorgeous, feminine, cute print and fabulous details and of course those cute heart shape strap adjusters.


The cup construction of the Evelyn reminded me of the Tutti Rouge ‘Birds Of A Feather’ set. A three part construction with a sheer upper section of the bra.

I adored the print on the Evelyn – brightly coloured parasols on a charcoal grey background.


As with the ‘Birds Of A Feather’ bra, I found that I didn’t completely sit in the bottom of the cups, and the wires sat a little low on my body. The back band was stretchy yet snug, and so I don’t believe that sizing down would have helped. I didn’t spill out of the cups at all and the wires sat on my torso rather than on my breast tissue.


I found it interesting that this bra was a size smaller than Birds Of A Feather, and yet it seemed to fit the same. As my bust hasn’t changed all the dramatically, I can either assume that Evelyn is cut differently, or Tutti Rouge have changed their grading slightly.


Fro the back and side you can see how the wires sit on me. The do seem to edge down a little on my body, which isn’t uncomfortable, nor does it affect how the bra fits as far as I can tell. The straps are half adjustable, which may be a slight issue for slimmer shouldered ladies. The are also fairly wide set, which again may pose problems for some women. The back band has three hooks and eyes – big thumbs up!

Evelyn is almost certainly my favourite Tutti Rouge bra to date. The colourway is stunning and the fit and shape is pretty good – I am given a nice round shape with a rather good cleavage. Obviously it’s never ideal to have issues with the wires as I do. I believe that my breasts are a little too wide at the root, meaning that they won’t drop to the bottom of some cups, and that possibly contributes to where the wires sit on my body. As I said, this has never posed a function or comfort issue for me, and the only solution would be to wear bras with wider wires.
As you know, I usually review the matching knickers with every set. The knickers that I received with Evelyn were the largest size of XL, and they were a rather skimpy and tight and a little… indecent! I would love to see some XXXL knickers from Tutti Rouge, as my arse is rarely a size 16! Hopefully one day :)

What do you think of the Evelyn bra from Tutti Rouge? Will you be adding her to your wishlist?


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