I was recently contacted by Vollers Corsets who asked me if I would be interested in trying one of their famed corsets.

“Ian Voller is the fourth generation of the Voller family to own the business, having taken over the company together with his wife Corina from his uncle in 1991.

Ian oversees the day to day running and direction of the business which he has seen steadily grow, and now employs over 30 at his Portsmouth based factory. At one time the corset industry employed around 9,000 people in Portsmouth alone and Vollers is now the only remaining factory in the area. Other companies have tried to copy our unique style but have been unsuccessful.

Corina heads up the design team within the business and travels extensively throughout the world to source an interesting and diverse range of fabrics and materials, to constantly update the range of corsets on offer.

Quality is of paramount importance and every corset is made in our Portsmouth factory by very experienced staff and undergoes a rigorous inspection process, to ensure our customers receive the high quality garment they have ordered. All of our mail order corsets are individually packaged in a presentation box to add the finishing touch.

Vollers is a long established business with a reputation for quality and service. Ian, Corina and all of their staff will do everything in their power to ensure that this is exactly what our customers experience.

How It All Began

When Harry Voller left school, he learned the strength sapping art of corset making at Totterdell and Sons in Portsmouth.

He started his corset business in 1899 with his wife Nelly who was already a competent corsetiere.”

As you all know I do love a good corset, and so I replied with a resounding YES as fast as my fake nails would allow! After browsing the site I saw that Vollers offered a ‘Made To Measure’ custom fitted option, and so I cheekily asked if I could go for this. The lovely Victoria at Vollers consented, and so I decided to go for an overbust style as it’s something I’ve never yet been able to find and fit due to my unruly bosom. As I have a fairly long torso she recommended that the corset shape that would work best would be the Paradise. And so I sent over my measurements and my desire for a red corset and waited!

It seemed like only days had passed before it arrived! I excitedly unwrapped the gorgeous red silky corset and did my best to try it on.
I am pretty used to putting my own corsets on, but with an overbust and a bust like mine I felt that this was a two man job! However, I did feel that the preliminary try on was sadly indicative of a slightly too short corset, and so I waited for a moment when my boyfriend would be able to lend a hand.

Robbie can pretty much lace corsets, adjust bra straps, do up heels and master the zips on the tightest of dresses (usually with me inside) in his sleep, and so he had no trouble fastening me into my corset. It of course came with the obligatory filth talk from me (something along the lines of ‘harder, I want to feel it’…) and it wasn’t long before he had expertly strung me up inside, modesty panel adjusted, boobs firmly inside the confines of the steel boning. This time around I had pulled the corset up a little higher in a bid to contain my chest, and it *sort of* worked…


Sadly, it was apparent that the corset was just too short for me. The fit on my waist was absolutely amazing, and even Robbie who is largely desensitised to the sight of me in body contorting devices was a little taken aback. The fit over my hips is not 100%, but I think this might have something to do with the length on my torso.


I asked for the corset to suit my proportions, but I did mention that I am able to decrease my waist by around 6 inches. As you can see from the lacing, the corset was pretty much spot on.


Wearing corsets is something I do find to be pretty comfortable. I wouldn’t sleep or go for a run in them, but I don’t find them overly restrictive or uncomfortable. This corset was rather flexible on me. I had a good range of movement and I was able to put my shoes and tights on and I wore it for about an hour each time. I think I only took it off this time so that I could cook my dinner! Corsets are not for everyone, nor is the tight lacing. When I first tried a corset I really didn’t rate it much at all! But over the years I have become besotted with them and I do like to wear them for shoots and the odd fancy dress party. It’s a personal choice, just like wearing high heels or fake tan.

I am pleased to report that, upon showing Vollers the photos from this post, they have said they will be making me another corset that will hopefully solve the few issues I had with this one. I really love that they are dedicated to helping me find a perfect fit, and I’m excited to see how my next corset fits!

The Paradise corset came with the suspender straps. I added some cut up tights to make faux stockings, as I find they are perfect for posing in due to them not cutting into my thighs or laddering easily. The shoes I have on are an old New Look pair. The knickers worn in the post are from Maidenform.

If you fancy getting 15% off at Vollers Corsets until the end of the month then enter the code ‘Figure2013’ at the check out.

Stay tuned for part two of my Vollers Corset review!


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