Being a hippy busty lady and wearing a peplum dress can be seen as a big no-no. However, fashion ‘rules’ basically dictate that I need to wear shapeless black tents, so they can do one, and I can try on pretty peplum dresses, yay!

Enter: the peplum dress from Scarlett & Jo.


I tried this beautiful plum peplum dress in my usual Scarlett & Jo size – UK 16. As always seems to be the way with Scarlett & Jo dress, it hit me just above the knee. The soft beautiful jersey fabric was a good fit on me – a 14 would probably have fit equally as well. It did find that this dress clung sufficiently to my figure but a belt will definitely be added when I wear this out because, well… I like belts!


The skirt of the dress has a rather high slit at the back of it, and as you can see my shapewear is visible through it. I may sew this up as it does feel rather high on me and I can’t be doing without my shapewear!


I absolutely LOVED the peplum detail on this dress. As the fabric is so soft it didn’t stick out too much, and instead draped over me flatteringly. The reverse of the peplum sat a little lower, giving the dress an almost gothic feel. My other favourite feature of this dress was the lace panel over the cleavage. It gives this demure looking dressed a cheeky twist in the form of a veiled cleavage – what could be better!

What are your thoughts on this dress? Will you be trying one out for yourself?


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