It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of shapewear. It smoothes me out and makes me feel extra confident in whichever outfit I choose to pair it with. And so, when offered the chance to try a piece from Debenhams I of course said yes!

I absolutely adore my Maidenform shapewear. It’s an all in one piece, meaning I have fewer lines from it cutting in. And so I decided to try out the ‘natural all in one body shaper’. I went for a size 18 in this piece as I tend to need 16/18 in Maidenform pieces.


I paired this piece with my Freya Deco bra in order to test it out under one of my party frocks. As you can see, I wear the bra over the shapewear. I find this works better than wearing it underneath it as it gives me a smoother silhouette. The piece is designed to be worn with a bra, and at the size I am I wouldn’t have it any other way. It also means that my longish torso doesn’t jeopardize the fit of the piece as it tries to accommodate my bust and my body. The straps are adjustable, just like you would find on a bra. The shapewear has a gap at the crotch to allow the wearer to, ahem, relieve themselves. In my experience this feature is actually not so great, especially after a few (bottles of) wine, although I am unsure as to how it could be improved to keep the shapewear smooth and functional.

I tried the shapewear on underneath my Erin dress from Pinup Girl Clothing. The shoes I have on are some old Marks and Spencer heels.


The dress is made out of bengaline, and whilst it is a thick stretchy material, it can be rather unforgiving on my wibble. The shapewear did successfully smooth me out. Despite my larger legs it didn’t cut in too much on my thighs, however, you can see that it is visible through the slit in my dress. The bottom of the ‘shorts’ portion of the shapewear has a silicone type ridge on it which helps it stay in shape, and it is very comfortable.


I would have been interested to try this piece in a size 16 as whilst I felt smoothed out, I do feel it could have been a little tighter. It was very easy to pull this piece on over my generous portion of derriere and I feel a 16 would fit me rather well.
My only reservation about the pieces is the way that the line just below my back band cuts in slightly, as seen on the reverse photos of me.

I will be teaming my shapewear under a variety of outfits, as I did find it worked very well for me. Ideally, it would have been nice to have felt a little more compressed by the piece, but I do feel that a size 16 would have aided me on that quest!

Do you wear shapewear? What’s your favourite piece and why?


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