I was recently perusing the lovely Betty Pamper’s blog Pamper and Curves when I saw something that stopped me in my tracks. Something glittery and beautiful and very me…


These stunning Simply Be T-Bar Platforms.

I, rather shamefully, begged Simply Be for a pair, all the while thinking ‘but they are so high! I guess I will just pose in them and look pretty.’
Just a few days later the wonder shoes arrived in size 6EEE and I immediately put them on and tottered around my flat. I was extremely pleasantly surprised that they were not only easy to get on and do it, but they were also oh-so-comfy and easy to walk in! I am a massive fan of t bar heels as I like to feel secure when teetering around, and so these were perfect. Shoegasm!

I decided that the best way to test these beauties had to be on a girly night out, and so a few night later I squeezed myself into an old Film Noir Pinup Girl Clothing dress, strapped myself into the heels, drank rather a lot of wine and headed out with some friends.

The heels were so comfy! They are rather high, but they have a platform to help take away from some of that height. I am usually terrified of said platform sections, as they are often wobbly and I feel like I might go over onto my face. However, this platform section was sturdy and actually helped prevent that dreaded ‘ball ache’ that heels can give. Being a bigger girl and putting all of my weight onto half of my feel often causes a little pain the next day, but I didn’t get any of that with these heels.



SBShoes SBShoes2 SBShoes3

My only teeny tiny gripe with these heels would be that the t bar comes up rather high, and when you have large legs like I do that can sometimes be a hindrance and make chunky legs look look chunkier. And so I decided to try the shoes on with my Evans jeggings and Collectif Dolores top, sizes 16 and 14 respectively.


I really liked the way the shoes looked with the jeggings and it of course eliminated the illusion that my legs were a little shorter than usual.


I also adored how casual the shoes could look with a simple outfit like this – my glittery new best friends!


I am typically a size 7, but this is due to my feet being very wide. As I mentioned, these shoes are a size 6EEE – I find that when I come across wide fit shoes I often need to size down, and this theory worked will with these shoes. I fastened the straps on the loosest hook, which didn’t shock me as I have very large ankles. However, it might be good if these shoes came with a slightly longer strap as some women may struggle with the current length.

IMG_8431 IMG_8436 IMG_8437

What do you think of these heels? Would they be something you’d usually go for? Are you tempted to try them? Let me know!


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