“Where do I begin? Earlier this year I was feeling really down about my body shape and I also felt really frustrated that none of the fashion guides featured women with a figure like mine. I wasn’t sure what I ‘could or couldn’t’ wear and quite frankly I was fed up. I even avoided going to some social functions or on dates because I wasn’t sure what I would/could wear.

Then I had a bit of a lightbulb moment. I thought in this day and age there must be some websites or blogs written by women with fuller figures / larger busts and I hoped that they had shared their shopping tips.

So using google I began searching for blogs I could read and luckily I stumbled across Georgina’s blog. What a revelation! As I read through the different posts, I began to feel a bit better about my body. Georgina’s posts and positive attitude toward her body and her embracing different fashions inspired me. I began to think a little differently about fashion. I also began to think differently about my body and that maybe I could dress more to my shape.

So I continued reading the blog, often in awe about the different outfits and looks Georgina put together. I wanted to know her secrets and quite frankly I wanted her advice. So I plucked up the courage and I emailed Georgina and I asked her if she ever works as a personal shopper. After emails were exchanged back and forth, Georgina very kindly agreed to go shopping with me. I was absolutely delighted!

On the day itself, I was excited to get a different perspective about clothes. I was also ready to try some different outfits and try things I wouldn’t ever have selected on my own. Georgina was fantastic, she was really patient with me; she also took the time to understand what I was looking for in terms of where I might wish to wear some of the outfits. She also gently encouraged me to consider items I’d normally shy away from, for example I now own some skinny jeans!

I think what worked well about shopping with Georgina was quite simply the fact that she ‘gets it’. She gets the challenges of shopping for a larger bust and for a curvier shape.

Now when I go out shopping, I have more confidence and I’ve been injecting more colour into my wardrobe. I also try on more items I definitely wouldn’t have done before my shopping experience. I’ve even been out on some dates, I’m still looking for Mr Right but heck I’m now getting out there.

I’m really grateful for the time Georgina spent with me and I cannot recommend her enough. So if you’re thinking of seeking some shopping advice, I’d say you should definitely contact Georgina.


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