Excite Clothing have been bringing out some items in some very beautiful prints recently, and so I was super excited to receive three of their new printed short sleeve midi dresses in size 18s recently.
I prefer dresses that hit me below the knee, and so the length sounded great!

The first two dresses I tried on fit me ok.


The dresses didn’t seem to ‘mould’ to my body that well as the fabric was rather unrelenting. They still gave me a great shape and the material didn’t cling to my lumps and bumps like some dresses are prone too.


The patterns were really fun, and I especially loved the neon one which surprised me a lot! I’m not usually one for abstract neon colourways but the dress felt great on! The neckline on both dresses makes them perfect for work, and the sleeves fit well. Sadly, the dresses didn’t work as ‘midi dresses’ on me, and I was a bit gutted about that. Luckily, that all changed when I tried the final dress on…


This dress was completely different! It was made of a thinner jersey like material that skimmed my shape in a completely different way. It also fell to well below my knees – the ideal length for me!


As you can see, the thinner material of this dress means that my bra is visible, and so I will have to be careful with the bra I wear with it. Other than that it is perfect on me – although I will ALWAYS add belts to my dresses to help cinch my waist in.

*If you are confused about how any of these items might fit then it’s best to ask advice on the Excite Clothing Facebook page.*


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