I was recently contacted by a fabulous lady named Jaclyn who asked if I wanted to take part in the ‘What I See’ project.

“The What I See Project is a global online platform that recognises and amplifies women’s voices. Through their unique and honest answer to the universal question, “What do you see when you look in the mirror?”, women from all over the world are empowered by relating to each other’s stories.

The What I See Project is the brainchild of the successful entrepreneur Edwina Dunn, who pioneered worldwide loyalty programmes like Tesco’s Clubcard. Her innate understanding of people led her to found this not-for-profit Project.

Even though she is a powerful role model in her own right, Edwina didn’t feel that she was being heard as much as men in the boardroom. This experience shaped her professionally and personally, so she established the What I See Project to celebrate the inspiring women from everyday life whose stories would otherwise go unacknowledged.

She wanted to share the real and honest stories from women about their struggles, achievements and inner thoughts, and to allow them to express themselves freely through a website that appreciates them for who they really are.

Over the course of a year, the Project is asking women from all over the world to share their diverse and rich experiences. We have already had more than 500 contributions from over 350 women in 11 countries since we launched in February this year.

Edwina’s crucial understanding of people has enabled her to bring this Project to life. Self-empowerment, and the connection between physical and emotional perception, are at the heart of What I See. Edwina believes the interactiveness of the Project will help women to reflect on their thoughts and feelings more broadly.

What I See is a community that you help to create through the power of your voice. It is remarkable how women answer questions that are not usually asked of them. We capture that moment of realisation on film, when they surprise themselves with their answer.

The What I See Project shows that we can survive the difficulties of life and every aspect of our lives frames the person who looks back in the mirror. Edwina hopes that all the amazing women that you see on this website will inspire you to share your story, because every woman is united by how unique she is.”

It sounded like an amazing project and one that I definately want to be part of, and so I filmed my 5 minute video and sent it into Jaclyn.

Please click here to watch my video and if it inspires you, why not make your own?

Laura from ‘Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish’ will be sharing her video later on today, so keep an eye on her site for even more inspiration.

What do you think if the project and my video?


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