It has become painfully aware that I wear way too many dresses, something that my readers are starting to notice and comment on! And so when Simply Be offered me the chance to review an outfit, I decided to take the plunge and give some trousers a go. And not just any old trousers, these bad boys…


Magifit ankle length floral print trousers from Simply Be.

I went for the trousers in a size 20, as they looked to have no stretch and my large bottom needs stretch or room. In fact, preferably both!

I teamed the trousers with the Joanna Hope jersey peplum pop, size 18, and some old wedges from New Look.


When I received the parcel containing the items that I picked on a whim, I must admit that I felt dubious. I tried the outfit on on a hungover Saturday, and Robbie and I both declared that the outfit was a bit ‘pyjama-ey’. I started to panic, wondering how I would ever make the outfit work for me.


The other night I returned home after a day out in London which concluded with my make up artist friend giving me a make over. I resigned myself to trying on the outfit again and snapping a few photos. I added the wedges, fixed my hair a little and I couldn’t believe how *good* the outfit looked!


I was thinking I would need to add some ‘Georgina’ touches such as a different top or a belt, but I actually loved the combo!


It might have been the fact that I was tarted up, it might have been the lack of disapproving Robbie, but the outfit felt so right! Admittedly, the peplum top was not my style either, but the outfit as a whole was an inspired choice if I say so myself!


I was right in choosing the size 20 trousers. The were big on my waist and perfect across my bottom.


The stretchy peplum top was a little too baggy across my waist, but I will definitely add a slim belt to it when I wear it out to help give my that silhouette that I love.

All in all I was really surprised at this outfit, and I wasn’t the only one! Robbie oohed and aahed over the photos and declared that he loved the trousers. I think he secretly wants a pair for himself…


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