The first bra sized bikini that I ever owned was an ill fitting red Panache number that had me tucking my boobs back into it all holiday. Since learning more about bra sizes and what fits ME and what I feel comfortable in, I’ve been dying to try a Panache bikini in my size to see how the brand’s swimwear line works for me in a more appropriate size than 38F. Luckily, Simply Beach answered my prayers by offering me the chance to review an item from their site – and that’s when I officially met Tallulah.

talu tal

I first came across the gorgeous fun vibrant patterned bikini around a year ago, just as Panache were about to launch the grey colourways:


And I absolutely adored the print. And so when the blue pieces came out, I was over the moon! I love bright clothing and swimwear, and I only wish that I had been able to rock this bikini on my recent holiday to Vietnam.

I went for this bikini in a size 36H/20, and the very lovely Leanne from Simply Beach swiftly sent it out to me.


I found that the Tallulah bikini fit me like the Panache bras, although I couldn’t specifically name a bra that fits me in a similar way. The clasp band was plenty firm enough, although I wish that it and the straps were a bit wider. I think it would add to the bold aesthetics of the bikini, as well as providing a little more support.


The non padded cups made my boobs quite rounded and uplifted, and the pattern being in the middle helps add to the orb like look.


The beautiful colours in the bikini really do pop and stand out. I love teal and turquoise, and so the hint of greeny blue were perfect.


I wore the set for a few hours at home, and I found it quite comfortable. My only gripe was, as mentioned, the very thin straps and back band. The Tallulah comes in a strapless style, with optional straps, and I think that this balconette style could do with being a bit sturdier.


The pants fit me extremely well! The roll down top meant that I could fold them up higher to accommodate for my overly large bottom.


I would have loved to try the high waisted bottoms, but sadly they were sold out in my size. However, I fear that the print may not have worked for me across my stomach.

Simply Beach stock a huge range of male and female swimwear and underwear. They sell current pieces, and they also have an outlet, where I spied THIS amazing bikini – I may be returning to Simply Beach when the sun finally appears!

What do you think of the Tallulah, or Panache swimwear in general? Have you tried any of their range? How did you find the fit and support?


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