Igigi is a brand that I have lusted after from afar for far too long. My beautiful friends Caroline and Mhairi have proven just how good Igigi looks on a variety of beautiful bodies, and I wanted in on the action! Not only that, but on my better days I fancy myself to have a similar body shape to their model Denise Bidot, and so I figured it would be a perfect brand for me.

Recently, I was offered the chance to try an Igigi dress from their new collection ‘Spring Awakening’, and I pretty much knew straight away which dress I would be trying…


The Ariadna. The stretchy top half looked bust friendly and the silky skirt was stunning.
I decided on this dress in a US size 14/16 and impatiently waited for it to arrive!

It wasn’t long before the dress was in my possession, and it was even better than I could have imagined! Firstly, it was expertly packaged and arrived completely uncreased. The colours popped, and the material felt heavy and luxurious.


The bust fit me perfectly without stretching too thin or pulling down too low.


I would of course add some sort of belt to this, especially as it didn’t completely fit to my waist, however, the black line under the bust does help give the illusion of a nipped in waist.


The dress is fully lined with a stretchy heavy material that stops the silk becoming static and clinging whilst helping smooth out lumps and bumps.


The straps are nice and thick, meaning that they concealed my bra straps, and didn’t dig into my shoulders.


My first experience of Igigi has been flawless! I can’t wait for a nice summer wedding to wear this dress at, or maybe just a pub garden! The colours are beautiful, the fit is as fabulous and I’m very happy with my new dress.

Are you a fan of Igigi? What do you have your eye on from the new collection?


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