I have been aware of Betty Le Bonbon for a while now. Several Facebook friends are huge fans of the brand, and I often see their beautiful photos posted on the Facebook page. As you can imagine, I was over the moon when Jasmine of Betty Le Bonbon contacted me offering me a beautiful plus size apron to review.

“We’re trying to cater mostly to women in the plus size range, and to that end the aprons are made with straps that, combined with the (on average) 30 inch front fabric panel, can accommodate up to a 70 inch waist (alternately just wrap the straps around the waist twice, or wear with a huge bow at the back).”

meredithMeredith Grace modelling for Betty Le Bonbon.

“In terms of what we’re about; our big focus is on providing unique, well made, beautiful options for plus size ladies. We find a lot of our first time customers become repeat customers, and we believe it’s because we provide a great range of interesting, colourful fabrics, great construction, and fair prices for what we’re providing (ie. custom sizes). We also have a range of ready-made skirts in block colours at a much lower price point, and the sizes for these are determined by demand (our latest batch of skirts are 32-40 inches, but in the past we’ve gone up to 48 inches). We presently have a couple of dresses in production for release later in the year, and we’ve been involved with a focus group of ladies pretty much every step of the way to determine what they do and don’t like (thicker shoulder straps, shorter waists, room for larger busts, longer zips so the dresses can go over larger hips/busts etc). We want to work with our customers to give them what they want!”

Betty Le Bonbon sounded like a fabulous company with great ethics, and I of course excitedly accepted Jasmine’s kind offer. I naturally selected the most colourful apron I could see, and it arrived only a few days later.


I paired the apron with my Lady V London swing dress and my boyfriend looked on approvingly as my inner housewife got unleashed!

IMG_5352 IMG_5368 IMG_5366 IMG_5355

I wore the apron around my waist with the bow at the back, as seen. It hit just above my knee length wise, and covered the front of my skirt.

IMG_5357 IMG_5360 IMG_5358

The gorgeous fun pattern was something really different and unusual. Brightly coloured cartoons of food make for a quirky cute apron, especially when contrasted with the polka dot pockets and tie. And of course, pockets are always useful.

IMG_5363 IMG_5364 IMG_5362 IMG_5369 IMG_5361 IMG_5365

I am really pleased with my Betty Le Bonbon apron. I do a lot of cooking and cleaning, and I love the fact that I now have a colourful pretty stylish plus sized apron to keep my looking stylish whilst I go about these duties.

Check out Betty Le Bonbon’s online store for more gorgeous kitsch items in stunning prints.


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